liquid filling machine

GFK series CNC liquid filling machine is to control in the filling time, motor speed and other factors on the micro pump using a computer, achieve uniform, repetitive error minimum liquid filling method, widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, oil, cosmetics and other industries, and is suitable for low viscosity, particle free liquid filling, small batch production.
A variety of imported materials synthesis of corrosion resistance using the machine pump body, pump body and motor pump body separation, no mechanical metal parts, no wear. With oil resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and other properties. This pump self suction pump with the advantages of chemical pump, self suction function, thermal protection, stable operation, long time continuous idling, can long time continuous load operation etc..
The characteristics of equipment
Import SCM, stainless steel shell, comply with the requirements of GMP.
LCD liquid crystal display, touch panel operation is more convenient and simple.
A design of anti drip feed nozzle, high filling accuracy, accurate measurement.
Automatic counting function, effectively control the filling quantity.
Technical parameters
Power supply: AC220V
Power: 30W
The maximum range: 2ml-3500ml
The maximum absorption process: 2m
The maximum flow rate: 3.2L/min
Repetitive error: < 0.5%
Discharging leakproof function:
Power off memory function:
Weight: 5.5Kg
The washing, filling, capping three functions into one, to realize the automation of the whole process, suitable for polyurethane bottle, plastic bottle filling mineral water, pure water, fruit juice, wine and other non gas beverage bottle, filling, realize flushing, plastic cover sealing function in the integrated machine. 1, the machine adopts card design and operation mode so that the bottleneck of suspension, the bottle under high speed is stable, reliable, and greatly reduces the number of parts that change when changing the bottle type more convenient, fast.
2, the use of a new generation of stainless steel turning type bottle clamp, the clamp and the bottle mouth screw does not contact the above part, and is provided with a nozzle, so that the inner wall of the bottle washing full, no dead angle.
3, using the advanced principle of gravity filling, filling fast, steady, quasi.
4, magnetic torque is used for screw lid cover, screw cap, achieve catch. Screwing torque stepless adjustable, tight sealing is reliable, and do not hurt the cover.
5, the machine adopts the man-machine interface touch screen buttons, PLC computer control, a lack of cover, overload protection and alarm device, to discover and eliminate the fault, and produce a high degree of automation.
6, and water contact parts are made of high quality stainless steel manufacturing, the main electrical components adopt international well-known manufacturers of products.


High packaging performance

High packaging performance automatic die-cutting machine / automatic die-cutting machine (ISO9001 quality certification)
Type: SH-1050 type
Technical parameters
Maximum size: 1050 x 740mm
Minimum size: 400 x 360mm
Applicable scope: 80-1200 grams of paper
Corrugated cardboard thickness: less than 4mm
The maximum cutting range: 1040 x 730mm
Maximum working pressure: 300 tons
The machine maximum speed: 7500 RPM / h (typesetting, paper factors and operational factors as die-cutting products may be)
The minimum edge size:
The stretch wrapping machine /UV machine / Auto polishing machine / automatic UV polishing machine is introduced
Printing paper surface coated with UV oil, enhanced printing paper products beautiful and bright
1 to achieve the best coating effect, use of the machine oil metering roller, rubber roller to the operation and to control the amount of coating.
2 of the cylinder and is provided with a walk to clear and prevent oil scraper overflow, steel roll in under it is also a two scraping knife to remove excess oil U.
3 the adjusting handle is arranged on the external side of easy operation.
Full automatic high speed vertical laminating machine
Technical parameters
1 suitable for water-based glue / oily glue / pre coating
2 heating methods: hot water type
Kerosene type
3 enter the paper size: standard type – 910 mm long x wide and 1080 mm
Extended models – 1250 mm long x wide and 1080 mm
1300 mm long x wide and 1080 mm
1450 mm long x wide and 1080 mm
4 the thickness of the paper:100g/ square meters – 600 g/ square meters


suitable for stretch packaging machine

Semi automatic powder filling machine, suitable for stretch packaging machine powder and granular materials, such as: milk, feed, Rice noodles, Coffee, monosodium glutamate, solid beverage, glucose, solid pharmaceutical etc..

A, technical parameters:

Metering mode

Quantitative screw

Packing weight

10-5000g (transform accessories)

Weighing range

1 – 6000g (resolution 1 grams)

Packaging accuracy

Packing weight deviation of 100g + 0.5-1g

Stretch Packing weight deviation of 100-1000g + 0.5%-1%

Packing weight > 1000g deviation of 0.25%-0.5%

Packing speed

1050 bags / minute

Power Supply

Three phase 380V (or custom single-phase 220V) 5060Hz

The complete machine power


The weight of the whole machine


The volume of the whole machine


The feed box volume

50 litres

Two, product characteristics:

1, stainless steel, and material contact part of the 304 stainless steel, fully meet the requirements of GMP standard; corrosion resistant chemical products such as packaging.

2, PLC touch screen man-stretch wrapping machine interface: PLC work stability, anti-interference, high weighing precision, touch screen man-machine interface convenient, intuitive; weighing feedback proportion tracking, overcomes the defects caused by the changes of material proportion packaging weight change faults.

3, the filling is driven by servo motor, high positioning accuracy, high torque, long service life, the speed can be set.

4, mixing hose packaging machine adopts maintenance free decelerating motor, low noise, long service life, lifelong maintenance free.

5, design a package at any time in the stepless adjustable, work at random transform, convenient operation.

6, a variety of products to adjust the parameters of formula can be stored and later applied, most storage 10 formula.

7, the air damping of glass stainless steel composite material box, material movement at a glance, no dust leakage, material outlet and a dust exhaust device, protect the workshop environment

8, the replacement of the spiral accessories, able to adapt to the ultra-fine powder into large particles and so on many kinds of materials and the weight of the package.


discussed vision in machine

“That’s the most nauseating point I’ve experienced in packaging,” the Whole Food items purchaser told Nikhil Arora, who experienced just opened a basketball-measured handbag of fungi – the crown jewel of a new house mushroom-expanding set – within the buyer’s office. The inventor and budding brand name innovator stayed “super confident” that his mushrooms have been headed to be a “next apple iphone,” states the now-successful brand name operator.

In partner, he and 2009 Alejandro Velez co-founded their brand, Back to the Roots, following their experience as seniors at the University ofCalifornia and Berkeley, where their business ethics professor’s idea of growing gourmet mushrooms from recycled coffee grounds sounded like “the coolest thing,” according to Arora. Using their very first efforts and early problems – that way first call on Whole Foods – the two, with design and manufacturing coming from a deal packaging companion, have gotten their goods on racks at that sequence yet others, including Kroger, Costco, Home and Target Depot.

Today, a much-increased organic and natural Mushroom Farm set comes with an impressive put-out panel whereby the mushrooms develop (pictured). This and a next item – Aqua Farm, a “self-cleansing fish reservoir that grows food” and produces its very own fertilizer – have gained kudos from Usa President Obama and a spot for the co-founders on “top” details including BusinessWeek’s Leading 25 Business owners under 25, Inc.’s 30 Under 30, Forbes’ 30 Below 30 and CNN’s 10 Following packing Business people.


A “discussed vision,” in addition to very clear objectives as well as the hands-on expertise of contract packagers is crucial to start up brand names deficient manufacturing and packaging resources and know-how. “We desired the kind of companions who could push us to become a lot better than we really are,” he additional, and so the brand could add value instead of going to market as a low-expense product, the final thing a mushroom package or seafood tank-backyard could be referred to as.

Success, needless to say, comes with its very own problems both in-residence and externally. For example, the Aqua Farm, was already offering in Nordstrom, PetCo and Home Depot when “in the last month or two” Arora says Costco, Target and Kroger arrived on-table. The “fast development and very last-minute orders” caused some “butting heads” using the co-packer as a result of capability limitations as well as the difficulty of incorporating shifts on the last minute. If not prevent schedule upsets, he admits forecasting “is something we can do better as a company,” and stresses the need to for good communication between partners to minimize.


packing of agricultural products

In 2010, nearly 40 years of winning China’s economic takeoff each beat Shanghai Jielong Group again big move, stepped into the beverage industry.

Long package printing and real estate, this is two big business in food and beverage packaging and food and beverage transformation as a key step for China packaging printing industry, this has important implications.

A, background reading:

China in the coming years, with the closure of TPP, China would lose benefits of WTO to China world factory status will be cut on cut. Together with China and Russia tied, in the game of globalization, China can play very few cards, only trust I’m afraid is that daily life of 1.4 billion people.

But the “clothing” has reached saturation, clothing, hats, failure is just the beginning; “living” and the surplus of 30 years of sweat into the cold concrete; “line” is monopolized, iron total 3.5 trillion in debt is still engaged in railway leap forward, Expressway toll uncensored extension. As China’s packaging and printing businesses, can only do make an issue for only “food” that way.

Most people today, in addition to money and satisfied the desire, but already he wanted nothing, therefore, in the “food” words totally promising!

Er, packing of agricultural products will lead the packaging industry to pick up

Real estate as the pillar of economic policy has been to sustain exports two carriages to be anaemic domestic demand and China needed to find new sources of growth. 2014 18 session convened by the CPC Central Committee on several major issues of deepening reform decisions, clearly states: “to empower farmers to contract land to possess, use, revenue, circulation and contracted, mortgage, security rights and other established property right circulation of rural markets, promote rural ownership transfer deal in an open, fair and standardized operation. “This shows that China will accelerate the reform of rural land. The agricultural intensive operation will become a new growth point of China’s economy in the future. And ancillary packaging, food and beverage packaging of agricultural products of China’s packaging industry is expected to bring new prosperity.

In the new era, the agricultural intensive operation means that business models will shift to a modern factory farming and land products produced will be processed directly into its own brand through online shopping and Internet of things directly to the consumer’s table. This transformation of the business model has spawned a surge in packaging markets.

China’s sixth national census statistics show that in 2011, the number of families reached 402 million, if a family purchases a box of produce every two Skynet calculation, packing of agricultural products demand a day can be as high as 200 million annually. 2013 1-September, China accumulated output of 21.8342 million tons of cartons, if calculated on average each 500 grams per day to produce 160 million cartons. This means that when the corrugated box production in China still have to look through, so over the next decade, corrugated packaging industry in China is expected to reproduce the annual kick-brilliant.


The new Fhopepack 300

The brand new Fhopepack 300 is the result of ULMA’s commitment to advancement and scientific advancement. This continuing process has provided rise to the new Fhopepack 300 within the range of rotary jaw bone packaging machines.

The brand new Fhopepack 300 alternatives the earlier family of base film rotary jaw packaging machines, increasing the knowledge, strength and verified longevity of the previous versions, the newest technical advancements.

The newest Fhopepack 300 characteristics each one of these attributestrength and reliability, and operation simplicity from the ULMA machines, combined with an ergonomic cantilever design and style that creates washing and sanitizing easier. Put into these well-known characteristics of ULMA machines, the brand new design also characteristics high overall flexibility for that different structure changeovers thanks to the advanced commercial Personal computer electronic system.

All of these characteristics have the Fhopepack 300 the perfect machine that can fulfil the requirements of consumers requiring to pack irregular goods or products that take time and effort to transport.

Technological FEATURES

Digital packaging machine operated with self-sufficient motors synchronised in electronic format.

Machine is built over a cantilever format, reducing dirt and dust build up, enabling optimum cleaning and hygiene. In addition, it offers an easy access to the electrical and mechanical components.

Remaining to Correct operating course.

In-nourish conveyor is 2 yards extended (inside the regular setup).

Easy accessibility reel holder that simplifies the reloading of hefty rolls.

Adaptable film collapsable container.

Longitudinal sealing method by film giving and sealing rollers, using a size adjustment method supplying quick and easy settings.

Go across close off is created by rotary closing jaws with an digital excess safety change.

Machine parameter settings (handbag size, pusher position, …) from touchscreen display.

Machine incorporates a 5″ monochrome touchscreen display for the user/machine user interface, including features as guidelines configurations, machine standing info, mistake diagnostics, and so on.

Manage enables data storing for up to 99 various machines set-ups.

MAIN Recommended Products

Wide selection of in-feed conveyor designs is available in variable lengths to allow for the desired place-out.

Wide selection of auto providing systems.

“No Product – No Bag” function.

“Missing product basic safety” functionality.

Print registration photocell.

Directly to Left oriented machine.

Stainless-steel edition suitable for wet conditions.

Shrink film model.

D-cam kind mouth version for laminated motion pictures.

Wide variety of stamping devices.


Fhopepack Hello-Technical model

Fhopepack Hello-Technical design represents the product with the highest modern technology amongst ULMA horizontal packing machines. It contains a multi-shaft digital control which synchronises the primary actions from the a few principal shafts from the machine.

This electronic digital control gives the machine high versatility and flexibility in item adjustments and also perfect dynamics in machine movements. This modern technology, along with strength, reliability, ergonomic design and style and ease of cleaning (common of the Fhopepack loved ones) allow to obtain the highest performance from your machine. Fhopepack Hi there-Technical may also include an array of auto and semi-automatic feeders.

The result is Fhopepack Hi there-Technology packing machine. A Circulation-Pack machine capable of meeting te strictest apps. This really is for manual providing apps and also for installations exactly where packing machine has to be set up in an automated packing line.


Machine with 3 independent engines clamps and rollers, giving system) synchronised by means of a multiple-shaft electronic management.

Built over a straight plate to ease cleansing.

Quick access to electronic and mechanical factors for maintenance purposes.

Operating perception : from kept to proper.

Cross-welding spinning clamps with electronic effort limitor.

3 couples of longitudinal film welding and pulling rollers with pneumatic opening.

Self-centring motor-driven coil support with handle braking system.

2 meter-lengthy providing system.

Mould with stretchable former.

Package size realignment, slicing velocity realignment (elliptical) from touch screen.

Touchscreen display for machine parameter adjustment, information and diagnosis of machine state.

Parameter memory storage : as much as 50 products.


Horizontal wrapping Type

ULMA is taking a step forward in providing an electronic motion control facility on its entire range of horizontal Flow-wrap machines, as a leading packaging machinery manufacturer.

In the new version in the Fhopepack, low-end Horizontal wrapping Form Fill and Seal off machine, ,an entirely digital movement manage product is incorporated.

The main qualities of their ergonomic design and style are top quality reliability and construction, with simple cleansing and operation.

The Fhopepackaging matches a variety of programs, which is the ideal machine for a multitude of applications with small and medium size manufacturing requirements.

Technological Requirements

Cantilever development which facilitates easy access for cleaning.

Left to Right working course.

Rotary go across closing jaws.

3 Pairs of rollers for longitudinal film pulling and closing.

Self centring reel holder having a braking system system.

Infeed conveyor 2 m / 6 1/2 long.

Adjustable film collapsable box.

Machine parameter options (case length, pusher placement) via the touchscreen display control.

Touch-screen setting of machine parameters, visible functional standing and problem messages.

Fhopepack I Model for packaging

Irregular procedure go across seal jaws specifically created for bread and bakery programs.

The case length is regulated in line with all the merchandise length by way of a photoelectric sensing unit as well as a clock.

It really is easy to alter the level of sensitivity from the sensor for various movies (cellulose or polypropylene).

Buckle type infeed conveyor.

Fhopepack I P for PEPPER WRAPPING&iexcl

This edition is created specifically to pack teams of peppers in conjunction with a weigher. The machine is supplied with intermittent operating go across seal off jaws.

The Handbag Size is governed according to the merchandise size using a photoelectric indicator and a timer.

Andiexcl;°No Merchandise ¨C No bagAndiexcl;± work.

Infeed conveyor with a single belt and 2 pushers specifically made for peppers

Primary Choices

Automated feeder for containers.

Different kinds as well as other measures of infeed conveyor (for steady work model).

&iexcl No Item – No caseAndiexcl;± work.

& Misplaced item – Dual Case¡± functionality.

Photoelectric sensing unit for centring of print registered film (continuous work edition).

Dual personal-centring film roll cases.

Directly to Remaining focused machine.

Stainless design for moist conditions.

Simplicity Of Use – Fast CHANGEOVER – Improved Overall flexibility – Greater SPEEDS – LESS Servicing – Problem solving


Horizontal wrapping Form

As a leading packaging machinery manufacturer, Fhope is taking a step forward in providing an electronic motion control facility on its entire range of horizontal Flow-wrap machines.

Inside the new edition from the Fhopepack, basic level Horizontal wrapping Develop Fill up and Seal machine, ,a completely electronic digital motion control system is included.

The primary features of its ergonomic design are high quality construction and reliability, with effortless cleaning and procedure.

The Fhopepackaging fits a wide range of applications, in fact it is the perfect machine for numerous apps with small, and medium sized dimension creation specifications.


Cantilever building which facilitates quick access to clean.

Kept to Correct operating path.

Rotary cross securing jaws.

3 Sets of rollers for longitudinal film tugging and sealing.

Personal centring reel owner using a brake program.

Infeed conveyor 2 m / 6 1/2 extended.

Changeable film folding container.

Machine parameter settings (bag size, pusher place) using the touch-screen manage.

Touch screen environment of machine variables, noticeable operational position and mistake emails.

Fhopepack I Version for packaging

Intermittent operation cross seal off jaws specially engineered for bakery and bread applications.

The bag size is governed in line with the product size via a photoelectric sensor along with a timer.

It is actually possible to change the sensitivity of the indicator for a number of motion pictures (cellulose or polypropylene).

Belt sort infeed conveyor.

Fhopepack I P for PEPPER WRAPPINGAndiexcl

This model is specifically designed to pack groups of peppers together with a weigher. The machine is provided with sporadic working cross close off jaws.

The Case Duration is controlled in accordance with the product length by way of a photoelectric sensor along with a clock.

¡°No Product ¨C No handbag¡± functionality.

Infeed conveyor with one buckle as well as 2 pushers created specifically for peppers

Principal OPTIONS

Auto feeder for trays.

Different types and other lengths of infeed conveyor (for constant operate edition).

Andiexcl No Merchandise – No bag¡± functionality.

And Misplaced product – Increase HandbagAndiexcl;± function.

Photoelectric sensor for centring of print out listed film (constant run version).

Double self-centring film roll holders.

Straight to Left oriented machine.

Stainless-steel model for damp environments.



Additional optionally available wrapping machine

The Fhopepack machine is capable of doing work for round the clock low-stop and is very trustworthy. One individual can work two machines even with two various soap designs.

Standard Features:

Pneumatic procedure with PLC manage

Automated pick and put into film wrapping iris

Automated film ” spin ” and seal off

Auto very hot click cutting

Surplus film rewind

Automated brand software (option)

Subject to total dimensions range, can pack various model of soap without transform of tooling

Simple to run

Fold wrapping machines blend the concepts of overwrap and lot wrapping machines to generate a series of packaging machines getting the ability to fold material about rectangle-shaped or rounded meals products, and provide a base close off. Common items capable of being packed in this manner incorporatesausages and cheeses, minced meats prevents and so on. Burnley can provide machines with recommended change parts to enable variation in the dimensions of these products becoming manufactured.

Additional recommended bonuses feature an built-in refrigeration unit, supplying a cooling plate in the discharge buckle following sealing, and heat guns to shrink the finishes from the packs, where shrink film can be used.

fold wrapper 02

At Fhope packaging machine and Packaging we now have an extensive variety of machine models at our convenience. This, combined with our wide ranging experience with the packaging business, allow us to provide customized answers to your packaging apps. Why not give us a call with details of your preferences, and provide us the opportunity to display what we will offer?