Steel roll packing machine

he new version for the two packing material packing at the same time for steel roll coil packing.

The special point of the paper wrapping was marked for better understanding.

  • HMI for coil size setting and save in list for packing no. Choose.
  • Automatic paper length calculation and cutting.
  • Automatic cutter for paper cutting.
  • Paper roll fix next to the wrapping station fits for big size paper roll with longer total length that is to reduce the paper roll reloading.
  • Paper storage on the ring in wrapping and tension control by tension belt.

Fhope had many types two packing  material roll coil wrapping machine but in the plastic pipe industry.

Following video  is two packing material wrapping at the same time for referecne.        conveyor in&out feeding+ two materials wrapping (manual film tying)    conveyor in&out feeding+ automatic two materials wrapping.


coil wrapping machine

The manufacturer of the coil wrapping machine providing the coil wrapping solution for steel coil , wire coil, hose coil…with differernt weight, packing material, handling way and packaging goal.

It consists of a vertical ring with stretch rollers that support the wrapper material. The product is fed through the eye of the machine horizontally, and the wrapper is applied in a spiral around the product.

The Coil Wrapper machine is used to wrap coil shaped products to increasing the packaging speed and release the man power in load handling.

coil wrpping machine

The photo show the coil packing that helps to handling the heavy load pC wire coil easily and safety.


pallet inverter manufacturer in China

There are many types pallet inverters available from Chinese manufacturer: such as Stationary Pallet Changer, pallet changing machine, movable pallet tipper, 180 degree pallet chaging machine…


the pallet changer can be used to pushing load directly from old pallet to a new pallet without need infeeding or shifting a pallet by dispenser.

This is able reduce the pallet handling process and saves time for more efficiency pallet changing operations. More over, it is safety for operator . The Stationary type Pallet Changer can be a part of the pallet storage and dispensing automation system. It is able help to storage the unit loadsby remove the pallet on bottom. The contact part with the pallet load is a smooth platform to minimize the frition in puching.



This a rotating type pallet inveter for handling the heavy load upto 2T. The handling way is by forkman in pallet loading infeeding and out feeding. For the height upto 1800mm, normally the new pallet infeeding to the top and old pallet remove from top after 180 degree turning by forkman too.

pallet inverter-B series    Pallet inverter-C series

For rotaing pallet inverter, there  are one clamper and two clampers version per different height range. If the height range is small, one clamper pallet inveter is the choice. For the pallet load has widt range in height the two clampers version is the choice which is able keeping the pallet gravity point in turning.


Mobile pallet changers

It is able moving the position per requirement to the anywhere in factory.

It is no limited in space.

Hydraulic cylinder rise the pallet 90 degree, from vertical position to horizontal position easily.
The movable pallet changing machine needs Manually rotating the pallet when it was up lifting for changing





Copper coil packaging machine

FPC- 200铜盘卷包装机

More information:

The winding and packing machine is mainly used for wrapping copper coil, and the width range of the coil is 20m200mm. There are also other names for machines of the same type. For example: copper wire packaging machine; copper coil tube packaging machine; cable coil packaging machine;

How to buy winding machine

With the development and change of the times, packaging machine is widely used. Winding machine is a kind of common packaging machinery in the present society. How to buy a suitable winding machine? Fengding machinery is summarized as follows:

1. First of all, according to the product type of their own packaging to determine what kind of winding packaging machine they will buy. A winding packaging machine generally has two or three functions: winding, wrapping and wrapping. The packaging effect of the compatible machine is better than that of the special machine. It is suitable for the manufacturers who need a device to package all kinds of products. The tray type winding packaging machine is suitable for the product manufacturers with large difference in overall dimensions.

2. The ultimate goal of any manufacturer is to make profits, so high cost performance is always the first principle for manufacturers to choose. At present, the quality of domestic winding packaging machine is completely comparable to that of imported machine, and the export proportion is far higher than that of imported machine. It is the current trend to purchase the quality of domestic machine at a lower price.

3. Now there are many kinds of packaging machine manufacturers on the market. Some manufacturers produce packaging machines that are quite miscellaneous. Basically, as long as the machines related to packaging are produced, it will undoubtedly disperse their energy, and the quality will usually be mixed and cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the best way to buy winding machine is to choose a professional manufacturer of winding packaging machine and find an enterprise that only produces winding packaging machine, which is like wind Ding machinery specializes in the production of winding packaging machine, reliable quality.

4. If you can inspect the products on the spot, try to bring samples to test the machine as much as possible, so that you can see the operation of the machine more intuitively, and see the effect of the machine packaging. If some small details have problems, you can also see them directly, and you can correct them in time. Often the details determine the quality of the whole machine, not only the big aspects. Welcome customers to bring samples to our Fengding machine test.

5. Good after-sales service is undoubtedly important. In terms of after-sales service, it is timely and on call. The industry should have a good reputation. Good after-sales service is particularly important for food processing enterprises, such as some seasonal products, such as moon cakes, etc., which can only be produced in a specific two-month period each year. The downtime of the machine is too long. If there is a problem in the production of the packaging machine that can not be solved immediately, it will be damaged The loss is undoubtedly huge, which can also reflect the importance of good after-sales.

6. If the packaging effect is almost the same, the packaging machine trusted by peers can be given priority, so that the purchase time is shortened and the goal is clearer.

7. In view of the long-term development of the enterprise, if we can choose and purchase the continuous feeding mechanism with simple operation and maintenance, complete accessories and full-automatic, it can improve the packaging efficiency and reduce the labor cost, realize the sustainable development, and greatly benefit the future of the enterprise.

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自动轮胎缠绕包装机 立式环体缠绕包装机





Uncategorized 环体缠绕包装机

铜带卷包装机设备 铜盘卷缠绕包装机

FPC- 200铜盘卷包装机

该缠绕包装机主要用于包铜线圈,线圈的宽度范围为20m200mm。 还有一些相同类型机器的其他名称。如:铜线包装机;铜盘管包装机;电缆盘包装机;

FPC- 200铜盘卷包装机

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全自动管材收卷包装机 FCL-200

自动软管收卷机用于离线管材包装。 它能够计算管材的长度,自动切割,卷材制造,PP带打包和自动收缩膜包装。 全部符合CE指导原则,并采用工业用最新技术和设计标准进行设计。

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铜盘缠绕包装机 铜带卷包装机设备 立式缠绕包装机

FPC- 200铜盘卷包装机