slit coil packaging line

Powerful Coil Packing Line At Your Fingertips

Automatic Coil Packing Solutions

The new steel coil packing line equipment for packing strip coils after cutting on the slitting-and-shearing line in the existing rolling-extrusion shop.

The packing system including coil down-ender, automatic wrapping machinery,coil strapping machine and automatic stocking system, automatic pallet strapping machine that connected by conveyor for automatic packing.

A. Slit Coil Handing And Stacking Line

Coil handling and stacking

C. Slitting Coil Strap Packing And Stacking Line

Coil strapping, wrapping and stacking

B. Slit Coil Wrapping And Stacking Line

Coil wrapping and stracking

D. More Special Solutions  

Vertical coil packing line, Economic coil packing system..


Automatic Coil 



Line voltage415V AC, 50Hz, 3phase
Control voltage24V DC
Strap materialPET
Strap thickness0.80mm
Strap width16mm
Strap tension200-1500N adjustable
Strapping capacityApprox.15sec/cycle
Strap feeding / receding Speed2m/s
Tension speed3-6 m/min
Compressed Air supply6-10bar
Strap Coil Width160 mm
Strap coil inner diameter210mm
Strap coil outer diameter400-500mm
Load Weight4000kg Maximum limited to conveyor
Power consumptionApprox. 2.2kW

01 Automatic PLC Program Control:

This feature allows for automated operations supervised by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), reducing manual intervention and enhancing efficiency.

02 Automatic Separation of Coils on Turnstile:

This characteristic ensures each coil is automatically separated in the turnstile, thus streamlining the process and minimizing manual labor.

03 Strong Structure for Heavy Loading

The robust framework of the equipment is designed to handle heavy loads, demonstrating its capacity to withstand tough operational demands.

04 One-Time Picking Up of One Coil

This feature guarantees precision as the system is designed to pick up one coil at a time, reducing the potential for errors or coil damage.


Steel Coil Wrapping
Stacking line

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the wrapping design?

It’s a two-layer synchronized wrapping system for added protection.

What about the components?

We use well-known brands for our main components to ensure quality.

Is there a coil packaging feature?

Yes, a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) system is included for efficient coil packaging.

Can it connect with a conveyor?

Yes, our product can connect with a conveyor for easy coil loading and unloading.

Can I adjust the ring speed?

Absolutely! An inverter is included for ring speed adjustments.

How does the packed coil move to stacking?

A conveyor system automatically moves the packed coil to stacking.


Coil Packing System


01 Integration with MES System

This system embodies a fusion of managerial expertise, industrial experience, and advanced information technology, offering a comprehensive solution for your needs.

02 Automated Turning in Sync with Turntable

To meet the specific needs of handling stacks of same-size coils at the pallet, our system employs programmable control for inspecting and rotating the turnstile arms. This prepares each arm for coil in-feeding of the same size.

03 Automated Coil Width Detection and Pick-up

By information sharing from the ERP system or by profit-bus,  the system can automatically pick up coils according to their width, eliminating the need for manual data input.

04 Coil Weighing and Data Transmission

Coil data can be seamlessly transferred to the printing and ERP system for real-time label printing and application.

05 Label Printer Integration

Leveraging data from the packing line or shared from the ERP system, labels can be automatically printed and applied to the surface of the steel coil.

06 Accurate Coil Stacking

The arm-type stacking machine, with centering at the stacking position, can pick up and shift the steel coil with precision within a 0-3mm range on the pallet.

D. More Special Solutions Can Be Option For Coil Packing Line 

For Efficiency And Safety


01 Optimal Efficiency in Coil Handling

The system excels in efficiently handling, packaging, and palletizing various steel coil specifications, optimizing your workflow.

02 Automation with Data Collection

Complete traceability across all steps with data generation features that seamlessly integrate with ERP and MES systems, from packing to storage.

03 Enhanced Packaging Solutions

Our system provides superior packaging and protection for the coil surface, strapping, and palletizing, catering to diverse packaging objectives.

04 Prioritizing Safe Operations

Our system keeps your staff distanced from the heavy coil packaging process, fostering a safer working environment.

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