Bottle Filling & Capping System for Sauces, Jams, and Liquids

For the filling of liquid and viscous products such as sauces and jams into bottles, a customised line is used. This line includes an Unscrambler, which is responsible for organizing the bottles in a systematic manner before the filling process begins. The Unscrambler ensures that the bottles are properly aligned and positioned on the production line, allowing for smooth and efficient filling.

Once the bottles are correctly arranged, the liquid or viscous product is then dispensed into them. This process is carefully controlled to ensure accurate and consistent filling levels. The line is designed to handle a variety of bottle sizes and shapes, accommodating the specific requirements of different products.

After the filling process is complete, the bottles are then sealed using a capping machine. This machine securely fastens the caps onto the bottles, ensuring that the contents remain intact and protected. The capping machine is synchronized with the filling process, ensuring a seamless transition between the two operations.

Once the bottles are filled and capped, they are ready for packaging. This can be done using an automatic bottle packing machine, which efficiently packs the bottles into boxes or cartons. The packaging machine can be customized to meet the specific requirements of different bottle sizes and packaging formats.

In conclusion, a customised line for filling liquid and viscous products in bottles, such as sauces and jams, consists of an Unscrambler for bottle arrangement, a filling machine for accurate dispensing, a capping machine for sealing, and a packaging machine for efficient packaging. This line ensures a streamlined and efficient production process, resulting in high-quality products for consumers.

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