Horizontal wrapping Form

As a leading packaging machinery manufacturer, Fhope is taking a step forward in providing an electronic motion control facility on its entire range of horizontal Flow-wrap machines.

Inside the new edition from the Fhopepack, basic level Horizontal wrapping Develop Fill up and Seal machine, ,a completely electronic digital motion control system is included.

The primary features of its ergonomic design are high quality construction and reliability, with effortless cleaning and procedure.

The Fhopepackaging fits a wide range of applications, in fact it is the perfect machine for numerous apps with small, and medium sized dimension creation specifications.


Cantilever building which facilitates quick access to clean.

Kept to Correct operating path.

Rotary cross securing jaws.

3 Sets of rollers for longitudinal film tugging and sealing.

Personal centring reel owner using a brake program.

Infeed conveyor 2 m / 6 1/2 extended.

Changeable film folding container.

Machine parameter settings (bag size, pusher place) using the touch-screen manage.

Touch screen environment of machine variables, noticeable operational position and mistake emails.

Fhopepack I Version for packaging

Intermittent operation cross seal off jaws specially engineered for bakery and bread applications.

The bag size is governed in line with the product size via a photoelectric sensor along with a timer.

It is actually possible to change the sensitivity of the indicator for a number of motion pictures (cellulose or polypropylene).

Belt sort infeed conveyor.

Fhopepack I P for PEPPER WRAPPINGAndiexcl

This model is specifically designed to pack groups of peppers together with a weigher. The machine is provided with sporadic working cross close off jaws.

The Case Duration is controlled in accordance with the product length by way of a photoelectric sensor along with a clock.

¡°No Product ¨C No handbag¡± functionality.

Infeed conveyor with one buckle as well as 2 pushers created specifically for peppers

Principal OPTIONS

Auto feeder for trays.

Different types and other lengths of infeed conveyor (for constant operate edition).

Andiexcl No Merchandise – No bag¡± functionality.

And Misplaced product – Increase HandbagAndiexcl;± function.

Photoelectric sensor for centring of print out listed film (constant run version).

Double self-centring film roll holders.

Straight to Left oriented machine.

Stainless-steel model for damp environments.


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