Horizontal wrapping Type

ULMA is taking a step forward in providing an electronic motion control facility on its entire range of horizontal Flow-wrap machines, as a leading packaging machinery manufacturer.

In the new version in the Fhopepack, low-end Horizontal wrapping Form Fill and Seal off machine, ,an entirely digital movement manage product is incorporated.

The main qualities of their ergonomic design and style are top quality reliability and construction, with simple cleansing and operation.

The Fhopepackaging matches a variety of programs, which is the ideal machine for a multitude of applications with small and medium size manufacturing requirements.

Technological Requirements

Cantilever development which facilitates easy access for cleaning.

Left to Right working course.

Rotary go across closing jaws.

3 Pairs of rollers for longitudinal film pulling and closing.

Self centring reel holder having a braking system system.

Infeed conveyor 2 m / 6 1/2 long.

Adjustable film collapsable box.

Machine parameter options (case length, pusher placement) via the touchscreen display control.

Touch-screen setting of machine parameters, visible functional standing and problem messages.

Fhopepack I Model for packaging

Irregular procedure go across seal jaws specifically created for bread and bakery programs.

The case length is regulated in line with all the merchandise length by way of a photoelectric sensing unit as well as a clock.

It really is easy to alter the level of sensitivity from the sensor for various movies (cellulose or polypropylene).

Buckle type infeed conveyor.

Fhopepack I P for PEPPER WRAPPING&iexcl

This edition is created specifically to pack teams of peppers in conjunction with a weigher. The machine is supplied with intermittent operating go across seal off jaws.

The Handbag Size is governed according to the merchandise size using a photoelectric indicator and a timer.

Andiexcl;°No Merchandise ¨C No bagAndiexcl;± work.

Infeed conveyor with a single belt and 2 pushers specifically made for peppers

Primary Choices

Automated feeder for containers.

Different kinds as well as other measures of infeed conveyor (for steady work model).

&iexcl No Item – No caseAndiexcl;± work.

& Misplaced item – Dual Case¡± functionality.

Photoelectric sensing unit for centring of print registered film (continuous work edition).

Dual personal-centring film roll cases.

Directly to Remaining focused machine.

Stainless design for moist conditions.

Simplicity Of Use – Fast CHANGEOVER – Improved Overall flexibility – Greater SPEEDS – LESS Servicing – Problem solving

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