The new Fhopepack 300

The brand new Fhopepack 300 is the result of ULMA’s commitment to advancement and scientific advancement. This continuing process has provided rise to the new Fhopepack 300 within the range of rotary jaw bone packaging machines.

The brand new Fhopepack 300 alternatives the earlier family of base film rotary jaw packaging machines, increasing the knowledge, strength and verified longevity of the previous versions, the newest technical advancements.

The newest Fhopepack 300 characteristics each one of these attributestrength and reliability, and operation simplicity from the ULMA machines, combined with an ergonomic cantilever design and style that creates washing and sanitizing easier. Put into these well-known characteristics of ULMA machines, the brand new design also characteristics high overall flexibility for that different structure changeovers thanks to the advanced commercial Personal computer electronic system.

All of these characteristics have the Fhopepack 300 the perfect machine that can fulfil the requirements of consumers requiring to pack irregular goods or products that take time and effort to transport.

Technological FEATURES

Digital packaging machine operated with self-sufficient motors synchronised in electronic format.

Machine is built over a cantilever format, reducing dirt and dust build up, enabling optimum cleaning and hygiene. In addition, it offers an easy access to the electrical and mechanical components.

Remaining to Correct operating course.

In-nourish conveyor is 2 yards extended (inside the regular setup).

Easy accessibility reel holder that simplifies the reloading of hefty rolls.

Adaptable film collapsable container.

Longitudinal sealing method by film giving and sealing rollers, using a size adjustment method supplying quick and easy settings.

Go across close off is created by rotary closing jaws with an digital excess safety change.

Machine parameter settings (handbag size, pusher position, …) from touchscreen display.

Machine incorporates a 5″ monochrome touchscreen display for the user/machine user interface, including features as guidelines configurations, machine standing info, mistake diagnostics, and so on.

Manage enables data storing for up to 99 various machines set-ups.

MAIN Recommended Products

Wide selection of in-feed conveyor designs is available in variable lengths to allow for the desired place-out.

Wide selection of auto providing systems.

“No Product – No Bag” function.

“Missing product basic safety” functionality.

Print registration photocell.

Directly to Left oriented machine.

Stainless-steel edition suitable for wet conditions.

Shrink film model.

D-cam kind mouth version for laminated motion pictures.

Wide variety of stamping devices.

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