shrinking packaging brief intro

Shrink packaging technology is to comprehensively package the items through the shrink film, or the products that have been wrapped with the film can also be shrunk, that is, the product is naturally shaped after the film is shaped by passing through.


To achieve this shrinkage effect, the machine mainly has two processes. First of all, the film should be sealed and cut, and the excess film should be removed according to the size of the product. At the same time, the product obtained a film sleeve, also known as a sealed source. The unique welding mechanism cuts and sews the film. Then the product came in the second stage-shrinking. Shrinking requires a container, which is called a shrinking furnace. The product passes through the shrinking channel at a certain speed and comes out of the shrinking furnace to complete the shrinking. The shrinkage makes the fluffy film wrap smoothly and regularly around the product.

Therefore, shrinkage technology will increase the impact of packaging on sales to a clear position and role. The improvement of sales image can play an effective role in increasing potential customers. This is also the most practical function and existence essence of the contraction machine. Shrinkage technology helps the company lead the competition in product packaging. The high-quality and beautiful product appearance gives customers a clear, beautiful, clean, high-grade, solid product feel, which greatly stimulates the desire to buy.


Packaging technology

The history of mankind has developed to 2020. Packaging machines have been applied to many fields, and our lives have gained great convenience and ease from it. Intuitively, according to the size of the items, a large-scale packaging machine and a small-scale packaging machine are produced, which can pack various items such as food and industrial products in our lives and production. In the packaging process, there is very little human manual participation , Almost no contact. Now the whole society has accepted this packaging machine as an important part of our civilized life. Imagine how to sell these items if there is no packaging, how do people take these fresh and prepared food home? People around the world and the whole society need packaging

Yes, the packaging machine can cover all products, whether you agree or discover. The development technology of packaging machine also changes closely with the development of the times and people’s increasing demand. The packaging technology of Fhope is very good. Our shrinking technology is mainly used in the field of industrial products. The purpose is to make the product get better packaging and market promotion and ensure the safety during transportation, as well as reduce more packaging space to improve the product benefits and reduce transportation costs.


Packaging Unit Automation of Shrinking

The urgency and necessity of packaging unit automation is common in the food production industry and also very obvious. Some eggs are placed in viol boxes in different states and it is difficult to repack them. If they are transported to the packaging machine by the conveyor line, the packaging machine needs to be put in line to prevent broken eggs. This packaging process can easily become extended, slender shortening the shelf life of eggs, not conducive to the quality of eggs

The essence of packaging unit automation is also reflected in the fine-tuning of the product’s feeding direction to enter the packaging machine. Some products appear different postures and arrival speeds after coming off the production line, which is easy to cause different packaging shapes. Whether it is a grouped product or a single product, you need to change the packaging direction to better enter the center of the shrink film. Automation technology can correct this problem to improve and accelerate the speed in the integrated pipeline.

The packaging unit automation is the expected work of the production line, and the labor used to package the product again is not included in the financial calculation project. The overall goal of employment is to control the system, and main function becomes to control and track. In this way, the labor in the packaging process is part of the potential value of the machine and even the wrong part.


Automation Unit in Shrink Wrap

It is not easy to date the concept of shrinkage in the packaging industry since the first shrinking machine has played an excessive role, but the real automation is the thing of the past few years.

In actual operation, 100% automatic feeding is difficult to achieve. Even if the operator tries harder, the condition of the machine will be as good as possible, there will always be about 20% of the loss of packaging materials during manual feeding. Moreover, according to the smoothness of product feeding, the machine will always go and stop, and the operator will follow the stop and go. In this way, the strengthening of the automation unit part is imperative.

Remove the product from the upstream line and take it to another area for packaging. This is how the world’s gradual production and packaging are converted. In this way, from the removal of the upper line to the completion of packaging and stacking, the product has experienced two manual contact and handling, which is easy to cause injury and loss, and has a great impact on the loss of product quality and production efficiency. When designing and introducing a packaging machine, such problems need to be considered.


Common problems in packaging wrap

The current international environment is changing rapidly, and every country’s export form faces huge risks and challenges. A country’s export potential reflects the country’s production capacity to meet the country’s population growth and demand. Almost all producers are trying to reduce unnecessary cost losses as much as possible, improve technical conditions and production conditions, in order to increase market competition. Packaging is an important aspect for a company to eliminate losses or reduce costs, and it is often a headache or neglect issue. There are many problems in the packaging that need to be solved:

More staff input

Productive capacity within a unit of time consumption

Packing material lossing

Employment capacity

Quality unconformity

Marking returned goods

Brand hurt

Market challenge

Company management increasing

Consumption in processing

Personal consumption in production

Energy wasting


Many enterprises try to solve these problems through automatic packaging machines. An automatic machine can indeed solve some problems to a certain extent, but not all problems. You should learn more about the packing machines from our website( to select the right machine and right film for making machine solve your more problems like a magic wand.


Shrink Wrap In Operation Cost

Perhaps you did not find that packaging has an important position in the production process and constitutes the latest stage of production. It is often overlooked that there are serious losses in this process. Although you have serious knowledge and experience in the production of products, you do not give the necessary attention to packaging. More unfortunately, you are not sensitive for the calculation of labor-related and quality-related losses in packaging.

From textiles to stationery, from food to automobiles, there are broad prospects of shrink packaging. Unipolar shrinking machines have always provided temporary solutions for small and medium enterprises. However, there is still a certain difference between such a machine and the industrial solution. This is also the general consensus of the entire industrial packaging industry.

Introducing a packaging machine that meets your needs is an important measure to solve the above problems. From the perspective of a company’s input and cost calculation, the shrinking machine is a long-term investment project, and the membrane is a commercial expenditure. What you and we are reluctant to see is the failure of double investment on low-quality packaging machines and films. In order to avoid this problem, as a shrink machine that is bought only once, it should be taken care to maximize the potential of the film.

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Importance of Shrink Packaging

Nowadays, shrink packaging has become a more mature product in foreign trade. The application of the servo system widely appears in people’s daily life. The development of science and technology has enabled software and hardware to breed sophisticated and complex products in order to adapt and increase people’s growing consumer demand and life needs.It has long been mechatronics, and the transformation of mechanical design concepts and program applications can be realized at an extremely fast speed. The shrink packaging machine is not only the machine design itself but also the actual application. These are the situations that the shrink machine designer must think of and solve. It can be said that the project design department is the most important and tense department in the entire shrink machine work process.

FHOPE is not only an excellent manufacturer of wrapping machines, but also provides good shrinking machine to help customers. The key to production efficiency is the speed of product packaging and how many products need shrink packaging. This answer is reflected in the productivity of the workshop and the production costs of the department. Although the industrial scale and production infrastructure have been gradually developed, and the profit margin of products has declined, manufacturers have adopted strict production facility control measures to reduce production costs and recalculate production efficiency. This is where the packaging efficiency is outstanding.


Choosing the Right Shrink Film and Shrink Machine

Right shrink film


Only the correct film can perform the function of the shrinking machine. The right shrinking film means the right specifications and the proper quality. The film size is determined by the size of the product. A film that is too small cannot wrap around the product. A film that is too large can easily cause film wasting and get bad shrinking performance. The quality of the shrink film takes a obvious role in the first stage of film bagging and the second stage of heating. A good film is not sticky to the cutter and is easy cut off. Bad quality film is easy to destroy the shrinkage effect. Right shrink film can reduce the precision requirement of the sealing machine performance and heating tunnel.

Right shrink machine

At same time, right shrink machine has the ability of reducing the other workloads. Right shrink machine means high qualified sealing machine and heating tunnel. But this is only theoretically conjectured and there are certain difficulties and risks in actual operation. Especially by purchasing high prices film to make up for the lack of machinery and equipment, the total contraction cost will be increased by increasing the film cost without using the machine cost.

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L-welding and Continuous Sealer for Shrink Packaging Machines


  1. L-welding shrink machine

For the first time shrinking of a new film roll, it needs to close one side by manual machine operation for cutting the side. Secondly, the two sides are to be closed by a special moving cutting device. With the assistance of the L-shaped cutter, the product is closed fully around. For the second shrinking, a side is closed by the first shrinking process, other two sides are held tightly by the jaw and the process is repeated in cycle automatically. The machine goes well with the film bagging and shrinking.

2. Continuous Sealer Shrink Machine

Same as the L-bar shrinking machine, three sides of the film are to be closed, and a side is folded itself. The film cutter is continuous for sealing by a sewing machine roll from the upstream. That is to say that the film passes through the sewing roll like water flow, so that sealing is infinitely to make sure in the length of the product. The left side is to seal by a vertical moving cutter with one-way welding. The products are transported on the belt when shaking or acceleration, the continuous sealer machine won’t be the hard stop and has separate speed.

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Brief Introduction of Shrink Machine

Generally, goods packaging with shrink wrap is designed to the product with heating method. Shrinking machine usually has been performed with varieties of standards. For an instance, shrink film enters the packaging machine in the form of a film roll so that the machine has a special device for the shrinking film roll. The two layers of shrinking film are open on the framer with a center folded mark. Based on this film former design, the product to be packaged is conveyed matching with the speed of the film feeding-in from a side, and then entered into the folding center of the film. The film completes wrapping surrounding the product and is still placed on the folded line, other three sides film are coming with the welding process.

Commonly speaking, the shrinking machine has two types based on the film folded and welding way. One side of the film is folded by itself, other three sides are open. According to the different treatment of the film cutting, different machines are come out and corresponding different applications are produced.

  1. L-Bar shrinking machine (also called L-shaped, L-cutting, L-welding, L-sewing)
  2. Side sealing machine ( know as countinous sealer or side sealer)

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