Automation Unit in Shrink Wrap

It is not easy to date the concept of shrinkage in the packaging industry since the first shrinking machine has played an excessive role, but the real automation is the thing of the past few years.

In actual operation, 100% automatic feeding is difficult to achieve. Even if the operator tries harder, the condition of the machine will be as good as possible, there will always be about 20% of the loss of packaging materials during manual feeding. Moreover, according to the smoothness of product feeding, the machine will always go and stop, and the operator will follow the stop and go. In this way, the strengthening of the automation unit part is imperative.

Remove the product from the upstream line and take it to another area for packaging. This is how the world’s gradual production and packaging are converted. In this way, from the removal of the upper line to the completion of packaging and stacking, the product has experienced two manual contact and handling, which is easy to cause injury and loss, and has a great impact on the loss of product quality and production efficiency. When designing and introducing a packaging machine, such problems need to be considered.

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