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Full-automatic steel coil packaging line

FHOPE offers a full-automatic steel coil packaging line for efficient and effective steel coil packaging. The line includes various machines and equipment to complete the entire packaging process automatically, from feeding and wrapping to palletizing and stretching. The machines are designed to work together seamlessly, providing a streamlined and efficient solution for steel coil packaging. […]

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Slit strips packaging line

Automatic slit steel coil packaging line is a system that is used to package slit steel coils into protective packaging material, such as plastic wrap or stretch film, and secure them onto a pallet or skid for storage or transportation. The line typically consists of several machines and conveyors that work together to automatically feed

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Packaging scheme for paper roll and blanket

Different packaging solutions for paper rolls and long object from FHOPE team. Mainly 3 solutions for Full-automatic packing solutions suggested to you. Solution 1: Automatic sealing and shrinking for full-size packaging. Solution 2: Horizontal wrapping packing for roll with woven sheet and stretch film. Solution 3: Full-automatic bagging packaging for rolls and carpet. Fhope

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Chrome pipe steel packing solution

FHOPE team mainly suggest you the following 3 different packing solutions for chrome steel pipes. Solution 1: Horizontal Full-auto wrapping machine for tube bundle. Solution 2: Full-auto bagging machine for tube bundle.  Solution 3: Customizing Full-auto tube simple bagging&bundle making&film binding packaging line. SHANGHAI FHOPE MACHIENRY CO.,LTD Office one: B1130, Building 5, No.2758 songjin road, zhangyan town,Jingshan district, Shanghai. Factory

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