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Steel Wire Winding and Wrapping Machine


Automatic wire winding and packing machine is a machine that is used to wind and package wire. It is typically used in the manufacturing of products that require a lot of wire, such as electrical cables or wires for speakers. The machine is designed to automate the process of winding and packaging wire, which can help to increase efficiency and productivity in a manufacturing setting.

Full-automatic wire winding and wrapping packing line from FHOPE Packing Group

There are several benefits to using an automatic wire winding and packing machine in a manufacturing setting. One of the main benefits is increased efficiency and productivity. Because the machine automates the process of winding and packaging wire, it can help to speed up the manufacturing process and reduce the amount of time and labor required to produce a given quantity of wire-based products. This can help to reduce production costs and increase profit margins.

Another benefit of using an automatic wire winding and packing machine is improved product quality. The machine is designed to wind and package wire in a consistent and precise manner, which can help to ensure that the finished product meets the required specifications and standards. This can help to reduce defects and improve the overall quality of the finished product.

Packing line including pay-off, winding & strapping & wrapping & stacking system.

In addition to increased efficiency and improved product quality, using an automatic wire winding and packing machine can also help to improve safety in the manufacturing process. Because the machine automates the winding and packaging of wire, it can help to reduce the risk of injuries to workers who would otherwise be handling the wire by hand. This can help to create a safer working environment and reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries.


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coil packaging line

Coilmaster wrapper solution and price possibility

[晚上6:25, 2021年8月23日] Kamel: did you get my mail
[晚上6:36, 2021年8月23日] Randal: yes
[晚上6:37, 2021年8月23日] Randal: we’re checking the possibility in price about the master coil wrapper
[下午12:48, 2021年8月24日] Kamel: Ok I’m waiting for your reply
[下午5:29, 2021年8月24日] Randal: Hello,the price lower version is possible USD58,900 EXW
[下午5:31, 2021年8月24日] Kamel: Could you send me this as a revised quote. Let’s make $50,000 straight. I request you to reduce your delivery time as well. I would like to hold a zoom meeting with you to explain the process.
[晚上7:58, 2021年8月24日] Kamel: ?
[早上8:57, 2021年8月25日] Randal: zoom meeting is OK
[下午12:54, 2021年8月25日] Kamel: You were going to send a revised price offer
[晚上6:25, 2021年8月25日] Randal: I WILL REVISED THE QUOTATION LATER
[晚上6:29, 2021年8月25日] Kamel: when ?
[晚上7:53, 2021年8月25日] Randal: resent please check
[下午2:40, 2021年8月26日] Kamel: Hello
[下午5:28, 2021年8月26日] Kamel: Did you understand
[下午5:29, 2021年8月26日] Kamel: Do you understand where to feed the coil?
[晚上6:14, 2021年8月26日] Kamel: Please check the entry and exit directions. The coil will travel on a rail. It will stretch on the rail and come out on the rail.
[下午4:59, 2021年8月27日] Randal: the eye to the left/right
[下午5:00, 2021年8月27日] Kamel: I don’t understand
[下午5:01, 2021年8月27日] Randal: Show us the coil ID toward
[下午5:02, 2021年8月27日] Randal: The ID is parallel to the track, right?

More coil wrapping machine:


coil packaging line

Orbital stretch wrapper and coil wrapper

Orbital stretch wrapper and orbital wrapping machine
Orbital stretch wrapper

We are the manufacturers of brass brazing rod in India.After seeing the rod wrapping machine on your website, we are interested to know whether it could come to suitable use for us.Our dimensions are 3 mm X 1000 mm round shaped extruded rod.If yes please provide us with further information.

coil stretch wrapper and wrapping machine
coil stretch wrapper

We are looking for coil packing machine for our unit in INDIA FARIDABAD .

Specifications for coils to be packed :
• OD of coils : 1700 MM Maximum
• ID of coils : 508 mm
• Width of coils : 230 mm to 1560 mm
• Weight of coils : 1 ton 19 ton

Thickness : 0.5 mm to 2.3 mm

For any clarification ,please contact me at my phone number written below .

Kindly mail me some video ,photos wit your techno-commercial best possible offer.

Nickel Alloy/Stainless Steel wire coil wrapping machine:

Model FPW 500

Coil O.D. 1200 mm

Coil I.D. 550 mm

Coil weight 100 kg

Coil width 150-460 mm

Power: 460 volt/3 phase/ 60 hz.

Wrapping speed = Approx. 1-2 minutes per coil

Overlap= 50%

Deliver to Elkhart, Indiana USA

Drawings, manuals for installation, operation, and maintenance, parts list, instructions in English.

coil packaging line

Coil Production and coil packaging Line

coil packaging line
coil packaging line

Product description.

The coil packing line according to customer requirements, tailor-made an appropriate automatic coil packaging line to comply with customer needs.

Functioning process:

Immediately allocation→ automated sealing and cutting→ automatic diminishing → Automated box opening→automatic package package deal →automatic box weighting→automatic Coding→ Automatic collapsable and securing →automatic four part side sealing →automatic”I”type molded strapping → self-steering→ palletizing process → Intelligent pallet packaging →automatic putting on a sword way strapping machine→ automatic horizontal stretch wrapper strapping →automatic top laminating machine →automatic winding on line → completed.

Machine components:

The packing line utilized by the items include: immediately allocation, intelligent securing and decreasing, automatic shrinking, auto container launching machine, automati ccoil packing machine, weighing machine, coding machine, auto collapsable and sealing coil wrapping machine, auto a number of spot benefit sealing machine,”I” formed strapping, palletizing techniques, automated pallet strapping, auto putting on a sword-strapping machines, automatic horizontal strapping machine, automated top rated laminating machine, automatic line winding machine, which mechanically supporting the usage of the production line, and in addition remain-by itself operation.

practical variables:

Procedure: placing goods on conveyor belt personally- break up machine checking- set up organization- moving to L-type closing and decreasing machine- show to therapy agency right after packing- thermostat shrink oven- finish product or service- express system

Entire coil packaging line working pace: 1-2 package/minutes (25 in one deal, 100 outside the house diameter milling tire)

Whole line potential is around: 22KW, 380V/50Hz

Needed staff from the Total line: 1-2 people, minimize the labor intensity and improve manufacturing productivity

The amount level of generation working flooring is easy to customize, generally 600mm, changeable array is 50-100mm.

coil packaging line

The entire slitting steel coil packaging line

coil packaging line
coil packaging line

COIL packing line, coil packaging solution
coil packaging line for steel coil.wire, cooper, hose


Basic technological variables for coil packaging line:

1.1 Relevant substance:

(1) cold / very hot rolled co2 metal (δb≤520MPa,δs≤345MPa)

(2) Fullness of metallic strip: .3-1.0mm

(3) Size of steel strip: 25-80mm

(4) Coil I.D.: Φ350-Φ450mm

(5) Coil O.D.: Φ600-Φ1000mm

(6) Max. coil bodyweight: 800kg

1.2 Dimension selection of done tube:

(1) O.D.: Φ8-Φ25mm

(2) Wall thickness: .3-1.0mm (sq . pipe≤0.8mm)

(3) Size: 4-8m

1.3 Procedure flow:

Metal coil→ decoiling → shearing and butt welding →accumulating → non-energy progressing →forming →high-regularity welding → deburring→ cooling → sizing →straightening → fixed length cutting → delivering

1.4 Line pace: 20-100m/minutes

1.5 Substantial-regularity strength: strong status 100 kW

1.6 Complete line flooring area: L×W=30 × 4.5 m

1.7 Set up ability:

a. Engine power: 30kW 7.5kW 4kW 1.5kW 2.2kW =45.2 kW

b. High consistency welder: strong state 100 kW

1.8 Power source: AC 3-380V / 50Hz

2. Intro of main components:

2.1 Decoiler: Increase-part 360o rotary manual growth, which make sure steel coil providing alternatively to make metallic strip entering accumulator freely.

2.2 Shear and butt welder: Which ensure 2 coil metallic strips shearing tidily and then welding collectively.

2.3 Accumulator and steel coil packaging line:

(1) Structure: Cage-kind metallic welded framework with auto providing system.

(2) Changing technique: Guide spiral adjusting.

(3) Amassing quantity: 150-300m.

2.4 welding, sizing and Forming unit:

(1) Supply leveler:

Sort: 7 inactive questing rollers for leveling metal strip to really make it getting into roll developing device properly.

Side information curler: 1 match

(2) Roll forming gadget:

Roll-developing steel control and strip weld seam.

a. Horizontal roller stay:

Amount: 8

Structure: steel throwing, double gantry frame, part curler changing

Horizontal roller shaft diameter: Φ36mm, substance: 40Cr

b. Straight curler stay:

Amount: 9

Type: Unaggressive rotation

Diameter of vertical curler shaft: Φ20mm, material: 45# metal

c. Sub-driven equipment package

Quantity: 8

Framework: Spiral bevel items, cylindrical items and steel coil packaging line

Substance: outer shell: QT50, Spiral bevel gear: 20CrMnTi, cylindrical equipment: 40Cr, feedback And production shaft: 40Cr

Power transmission: 16 personal computers of cardan shaft

(3) squeezing, welding and Guiding deburring gadget:

a. 1 list of information roll stand for handling weld seam path

b. 2 groups of contracting roll represent handling weld seam to realize qualified welding.

c. 2 sets of deburring frame for deburring the outside weld seam

(4) 1 set of chilling drinking water reservoir: duration 500mm.

(5) Sizing device:

Fine shaping and control dimensions precision right after welding. Each and every 6 groups of horizontal roll remain, top to bottom roll stay and sub-powered gearbox, 12 personal computers of cardan shafts. (Same structure as creating product)

(6) Straightening device:

Sort: Turk’s head sort, 2 rolls × 2 units

(7) Principal traveling method:

a. Primary electric motor: Z4 collection DC 30 kW 1 set

b. Principal reducer: ZLY160 4-out shafts 1 established