orbital stretch wrapper

Packaging scheme for paper roll and blanket

Different packaging solutions for paper rolls and long object from FHOPE team.

Mainly 3 solutions for Full-automatic packing solutions suggested to you.

Solution 1: Automatic sealing and shrinking for full-size packaging.

Solution 2: Horizontal wrapping packing for roll with woven sheet and stretch film.

Solution 3: Full-automatic bagging packaging for rolls and carpet.

Fhope team specialized into packing solutions for different products and industries, whenever your company need packing solutions to improve product competitiveness, please feel free to contact FHOPE team.

orbital stretch wrapper stretch wrapping machine

Chrome pipe steel packing solution

FHOPE team mainly suggest you the following 3 different packing solutions for chrome steel pipes.

Solution 1: Horizontal Full-auto wrapping machine for tube bundle.

Solution 2: Full-auto bagging machine for tube bundle. 

Solution 3: Customizing Full-auto tube simple bagging&bundle making&film binding packaging line.


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orbital stretch wrapper stretch wrapping machine

Automatic film sealing and wrapping machine

It’s a applical packing machine for variouse products with fully around them.

Bubble film, stretch film, PE film…available.

orbital stretch wrapper stretch wrapping machine

Automatic film wrapping fully around the box

It’s an automatic film wrapping machine for box. It can make the box fully packing. Good application for small products.


orbital stretch wrapper

Go Faster! with Board Profile Orbital Stretch Wrapper

The Board  Profile Orbital Stretch Wrapper delivers new levels of speed and versatility for high productivity packaging. This family of orbital stretch wrappers is ergonomically designed for high efficiency profile stretching in board, window, door, furniture and panel applications.

Uniquely designed, these systems index a conveyor of finished items for rapid hand or automatic loading. Automatic loading, stretching, feeding film, cutting film and full integration capabilities make the solution of  choice when packaging speed and flexibility required.


High Productivity

Flexible Operation




orbital stretch wrapper

Door Profile Orbital Stretch Wrapper

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper is among probably the most economical types of packaging equipment available these days for lengthy form bundle. You can supply you with the best horizontal orbital stretch wrapper/stretch wrapping machine fit for your requirements, regardless of how small or huge the amount of supplies to get wrapped. An active schedule over Place bale, horizontal orbital wrapper/wrapping machine are suitable for all business rectangle-formed balers,door and profile, water line bundle, table… The various tools are essentially labeled into two Normal function with drawing stretch wrapper and pre-stretch film stretch wrapper.


Operated pre-stretch can stretch the video 250%, minimizing film fabric utilization by a good buy as 70% in comparison to hands wrapping. Using a horizontal tretch wrapper having a powered pre-extend gadget, make use of the maximum pre-extend capabilities of today’s high-tech film. Filmmakers are earning numerous layered movies in very slim gauges, 40-forty several measure for example. Pre-stretching this film 250% approximately several levels to just a few oz . of packing material for every pallet. It’s the cost for everypallet packagethat is suitable.


Turntable positioning approach can help to save film and funds by instantly sensing commencing place, utilizing precise wrap figures and realigning straight to the utmost commencing position. For greater packaging careers, a mechanical horizontal orbital stretch wrapper for door is needed. It may connect the conveyor ling for on-line intelligent packaging solution. It is recommended to consider following point A piece of equipment made to handle an lengthy shape package may have tooling that’s all suitable for coping with round one, before your home an order for horizontal stretch wrapper.


Make time to consider all the possible boxes you will be communicate and running that for the items dealer in advance. If there is an lengthy shape items that’s tossing a wrench in to the machine design process, the seller needs to be aware what percent of times that size will run, so it may be addressed accordingly. However, tell the dog owner which compartment dimensions and shapes need to take into consideration the majority of the expansion volume level. That allows them increase the gear, around the extent probable, for individuals dimensions and shapes. Because of horizontal orbital stretch wrapper isn’t minimal for the length and round type of the bundles.

orbital stretch wrapper

Automatic orbital stretch wrapper for panel and profile

Orbital stretch wrapper and orbital wrapping machine
Orbital stretch wrapper

I am interested in purchasing your Coil Wrapping Machine for Steel Wire model FPW-600.

I am presently in Beijing staying in Beijing Whuhuan Hotel located at 15 Dong San Huan South Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing. Tel.

My Chinese mobile number15021705930.

I am flying back to India on 10th June.

I would like to meet you and see a running orbital stretch wrapper machine for wire coil wrapping.

Would it be convenient for you to meet me on 9th Saturday as tomorrow I am going to Anping county.

Please inform me details and catalogue.

Warm Regards,

Umesh Agarwal,


We are producing special film with applications in the steel industry.
Do you have dealers in Europe?
We have a few projects with inquiries for machinery.


It is glad to write to you with keen hope to open a business relationship with you. Our existing product is polyethylene.

Billion Chemical Co.,Ltd is a factory specialized in chemical industry. For more information, you can consult our website.

1.Product name: polyethylene

2.CAS No.:9002-88-40

3.Package : as per your request; or 25kg/bag

4.Loading quantity: 20’FCL, 20Tons/FCL

5.Payment: T/T

6.Quotation:USD17400/Ton FOB Qingdao, China; adjustable with your purchasing quantity.

Hope to hear good news from you. Have a nice day!

Best regards!



orbital stretch wrapper

horizontal stretch wrapping system for max pallet protection

Stretch wrapping machine 6 sides packing

Orion Packaging presents its new AXIS horizontal stretch wrapping system for max pallet protection and security. AXIS is applicable film for all half a dozen sides of any pallet in numerous, consumerdefined designs to provide greater fill strengthening or best protection from environmental exposure.

AXIS combines the strong points of Orion’s MA-DX and orbital, precision engagement ring wrapping machines to supply a flexible, easy-to-use, sturdy remedy. AXIS allows several consumerdescribed place patterns which includes combinations of roped film and flat webs to offer the best possible strength and pallet coverage. AXIS is great for consumers looking for a high worth option to steel and poly strapping or perhaps a answer for transport and storage in undesirable problems.

The AXIS is equipped with Orion’s market top pre-stretch film shipping program, InstaThread, which precisely elongates stretch film approximately 260Percent before being covered on the fill. InstaThread characteristics an extremelydelicate corner compensation system to ensure that film stress around the entire weight is steady for better fill stability and economy. Orion supports its business leading pre-stretch program having a life-time warranty on pre-stretch rollers.

Automated, weightyduty conveyors transport the pallet with the AXIS system starting with the top efficiency MA-DX built with a 30- InstaThread film carriage. The MA-DX is applicable film to 4 ends of the load in any mixture of solid ropes or total webs. The load then moves through the AXIS orbital machine to complete wrapping on all six ends. The AXIS orbital wrapper uses two 20- InstaThread film carriages to apply film and includes an 80-in . diamond ring to accommodate big pallets. AXIS orbital film carriages can also be set to utilize any combination of place and roping designs.

AXIS manages plenty up to 4,500 pounds and offers approximately 50-75 loads per hour. For increased relieve-of-use, Orion AXIS includes a powerful PLC control with a digital Human being Machine User interface, lowerservicing Air conditioning motors, and Group 2 safety methods.

orbital stretch wrapper

Horizontal stretch wrapper Packaging lines

orbital stretch wrapper Packaging lines for brief rolls (roof structure linings, pool sealings, fabriccarpets and rolls, mattress ticking and so forth.) Turnkey handling and packaging methods.

Packaging lines for brief rolls (roofing linings, pool sealings, textilecarpets and rolls, mattress ticking and so forth.) Turnkey dealing with and packaging systems.

J¨1rgens Maschinenbau GmbH And Co. KG is the major manufacturer of turnkey handling and packaging techniques for many different types of short rolls.

Maximum flexibility, dealing with of different styles of roll and roll measurements are definitely the hallmarks of the totallyauto J¨1RGENS packaging and handling systems.


Rp is the first port of call for customers from the construction industry, as a specialist for horizontal orbital stretch wrapepr packaging lines for roof linings. Fullyautomatic packaging systems for PVC pool sealings, carpet and textile rolls in addition to bed mattress ticking are common part of our extent of supply.

Automatic access of all set injury and cut rolls/sheets from your winder

6 or 7-axis automatic techniques

Inline analyzing program

Inline labelling (on the outside from the cut roll so when your final package deal label)

Packaging of person moves

Palletising of the moves

Ultimate package deal tag in the twisted rolls

Automated discharge of defective moves

Discharge of squander materials

Integrated data communication and management with upstream creation machines and ERP systems

orbital stretch wrapper

orbital stretch wrapper system

horizontal orbital stretch wrapper packing
horizontal orbital stretch wrapper packing system

Fhope will be the top maker of straight wrapping methods for commercial goods.

This is the  customer build solution from the industrial goods branch, as a specialist for vertical orbital wrapping machines for various industrial goods that require a high level and top degree of load securing.

Totally-automatic top to bottom full size packaging methods such as impressive parachute technologies (pallet weight acquiring for top-carrier storage space techniques)


6-sided complete stretch-film packaging with dust proof.

very high degree of weight safety – for hefty products, no additional strapping needed

water-proof and dustproof packaging

Pure stretch wrapping  film packaging without any additional vitality spending – energy fuel or electricity

Parachute technology for products to be saved in high-rack storage

Extremely high packaging ability feasible per different requirement