Brief Introduction of Shrink Machine

Generally, goods packaging with shrink wrap is designed to the product with heating method. Shrinking machine usually has been performed with varieties of standards. For an instance, shrink film enters the packaging machine in the form of a film roll so that the machine has a special device for the shrinking film roll. The two layers of shrinking film are open on the framer with a center folded mark. Based on this film former design, the product to be packaged is conveyed matching with the speed of the film feeding-in from a side, and then entered into the folding center of the film. The film completes wrapping surrounding the product and is still placed on the folded line, other three sides film are coming with the welding process.

Commonly speaking, the shrinking machine has two types based on the film folded and welding way. One side of the film is folded by itself, other three sides are open. According to the different treatment of the film cutting, different machines are come out and corresponding different applications are produced.

  1. L-Bar shrinking machine (also called L-shaped, L-cutting, L-welding, L-sewing)
  2. Side sealing machine ( know as countinous sealer or side sealer)

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