L-welding and Continuous Sealer for Shrink Packaging Machines


  1. L-welding shrink machine

For the first time shrinking of a new film roll, it needs to close one side by manual machine operation for cutting the side. Secondly, the two sides are to be closed by a special moving cutting device. With the assistance of the L-shaped cutter, the product is closed fully around. For the second shrinking, a side is closed by the first shrinking process, other two sides are held tightly by the jaw and the process is repeated in cycle automatically. The machine goes well with the film bagging and shrinking.

2. Continuous Sealer Shrink Machine

Same as the L-bar shrinking machine, three sides of the film are to be closed, and a side is folded itself. The film cutter is continuous for sealing by a sewing machine roll from the upstream. That is to say that the film passes through the sewing roll like water flow, so that sealing is infinitely to make sure in the length of the product. The left side is to seal by a vertical moving cutter with one-way welding. The products are transported on the belt when shaking or acceleration, the continuous sealer machine won’t be the hard stop and has separate speed.

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