Choosing the Right Shrink Film and Shrink Machine

Right shrink film


Only the correct film can perform the function of the shrinking machine. The right shrinking film means the right specifications and the proper quality. The film size is determined by the size of the product. A film that is too small cannot wrap around the product. A film that is too large can easily cause film wasting and get bad shrinking performance. The quality of the shrink film takes a obvious role in the first stage of film bagging and the second stage of heating. A good film is not sticky to the cutter and is easy cut off. Bad quality film is easy to destroy the shrinkage effect. Right shrink film can reduce the precision requirement of the sealing machine performance and heating tunnel.

Right shrink machine

At same time, right shrink machine has the ability of reducing the other workloads. Right shrink machine means high qualified sealing machine and heating tunnel. But this is only theoretically conjectured and there are certain difficulties and risks in actual operation. Especially by purchasing high prices film to make up for the lack of machinery and equipment, the total contraction cost will be increased by increasing the film cost without using the machine cost.

Ring shrink machine and shrink film on

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