PVC shrink wrap for shrinking machine

PVC wrap films adopt vinyl PVC resin mixed with several auxiliary materials to expand and expand for the second time. It is characterized by short, good, easy to shrink, high strength, shrinkage rate and non-perishable can be adjusted freely according to user needs, attractive colors and prints in wide range, strong operability! It’s available for shrink with low temperature, and expand when cooling down. PVC film is optional for printing client’s logo, brand name on it for marketability. It will take qualified packing on products for company awareness activity.

PVC film is so popular in all purposes and is proved to wide undulations and strong resistance for texture in flexible, smooth and soft even under extremely severe weather and harsh climatic conditions. Like, covering boats, cars in winter, very low temperature, PVC film can bear the weather to protect them perfectly. It’s often coming in UV protection for preventing damage from UV ray, which meets customer’s more needs.

PVC film is manufactured into different sizes for customer’s various packing needs and the price is also based on its quality of glossiness and clarity.

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