POF shrink wrap for shrinking machine

Shrinking machine can wrap all purpose package. Case, box, profile, frame, door, board, toy, CD are available for shrink film. Why shrinking film can wrap so many items? This is what we talk today. The characteristics and composition of the shrinking film determine its destiny as suitable film for the shrinking machine.

The full name of POF is multi-layer co-extrusion heat-shrinkable film. It uses linear low-density polyethylene as the middle layer (LLDPE) and co-polypropylene (PP) as the inner and outer layers. It is plasticized and extruded through three extruders. It is processed by special processes such as die head forming and film bubble inflation. It’s more glossily than PVC film with crystal look. The food industry commonly takes POF film wrap. It also has special types for various functions, like anti-fog, perforated and cryogenic.

POF uses a special process to squeeze the inner, outer and outer layers together, and the supported shrink film has high transparency, high shrinkage and good heat sealing performance. It also has all the advantages and advantages of polyethylene and polypropylene, and its excellent performance is far from It is far superior to pure PE and PP films, and it is an environmentally friendly recyclable shrink film widely used internationally and recognized by the European and American markets. POF shrink film has high surface gloss and good toughness. It has large tear strength, uniform heat shrinkage, and is suitable for automatic tell packaging. It is especially suitable for the pharmaceutical industry and food industry.

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