What is shrinking package?

Since the development of human society, there are all kinds of packaging methods. From the ancient plant leaf packaging or naked packaging, to paper wrap and then to the emergence of chemical materials, the change in packaging method is a history of human technological advancement. Today, shrink packaging has developed into the most significant and most popular packaging method. The characteristics of high quality, cheapness and strong applicability have become the brightest star in the packaging field. Therefore, shrinkage is suitable for almost all uses, and the products that can be wrapped are diverse. It goes without saying that shrink packaging occupies an important and significant part in industrial production. The shrink machine is simple in design and compact in appearance, so the space used is also the smallest, it occupies a smaller area and is more suitable for workshops and commercial places. It can be used for other economic activities and production activities save more activity space.

What’s common packing material in shrinking?

Mainly PVC, POF shrinking material. The operator should choose the correct film to maximize the packaging efficiency of the shrink machine. Generally, PVC wrap is most common used and cheaper than POF wrap as packing material cost, which it’s available for purchasing in the market nearby and easily found online.

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