Shrinking machine : how to choose right the film and machine (B) for automatic side seal shrinking machine

In the previous post, L-Bar shrinking machine was introduced. This time we continue to talk about how to choose the correct shrinking machine. Side seal shrinking machine has unparalleled advantages of the L-Bar shrinking machine, which is called the most advanced shrinking machine.

Side seal shrinking machine,

The same as the forming mechanism of the L-Bar telescopic machine, one side of the film is folded by the forming machine and the other three sides are open, which needs to pass through the cutting knife to form a closed bag. The cutting knife structure of the sealing machine is unique. The vertical blades of the upper and lower movable parts are fixed on the machine and are not movable parts. The film is carried out by rollers. The length of the product is not limited. Continuous cutting is completed by the horizontal knife.

The continuous operation of the cutter system closely cooperates with the speed of the product conveyor line, and the continuous cutter movement is completed during continuous transportation, which increases the degree of automation.

Therefore, the limit of the length of the product that the side sealing machine does not convey has more practical mechanical significance and value. In addition to selecting the correct shrink machine, it is also necessary to pay attention to the correct shrink film. There are two main points: an appropriate film size, and the quality of the film. Both through continuous cutting, and adaptation to the shrink tunnel

The correct machine and the correct film selection can exert the maximum energy and utilization rate of the shrinking machine.

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