Shrinking machine : how to choose right the film and machine (A)

For machine users, choosing right shrinking material and right machine, is the most important.

After all, the purchase of machinery is not a small expense. The packaging machine is self-evident for the final circulation of the entire product and the value obtained. The correct machine can bring good long-term profits and company image. Bringing in incorrect shrinking machine, is inconvenient for operation and poor user experience, even sometimes it is not possible to use products that are not equipped with oneself, resulting in a waste of resources and an increase in operating costs.


We can use an experiment to illustrate the use of two different shrinking methods.

One method, L-Bar shrinking

Another method, Side sealing

L-Bar shrinking machine,

Before automatic running, it needs to close one side film manual to form a sewing, while adjacent side folded by the film frame. The other two sides will be cutting by L-Bar mechanical structure to close the film for a full bag. One bag finishes, next product has a sewing side naturally, and L-shaped cutter resume automatically waiting for next welding. This process is constant circulation. This is the working principle and action principle of L-Bar jaw.

To be continued,

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