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Hot forming continuous stretch wrapping machine
Product type: Fhopepack
Product introduction: the horizontal stretch wrapper machine is full automatic molding, vacuum sealer, suitable for all kinds of food, meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pickles, chilled meat, medical products, hardware equipment for vacuum, inflatable packaging machine, fitted.
A product characteristic:
(1) the machine adopts hard aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials, greatly improving the corrosion resistance of the equipment.
(2) using combined die, the replacement is convenient, the use of a horizontal stretch wrapper machine, mould with water cooling system.
(3) with stable performance, long service life of the SMC pneumatic components.
(4) the selection of extreme high vacuum degree, excellent performance in Germany BUSCH vacuum pump.
(5) the selection of reliable performance, convenient operation of the OMRON servo motor, screen and Schneider electric controlled by PLC and touch.
(6) using photoelectric tracking, can choose the color cover film or optical film packaging, reduce cost, improve product quality.
(7) can be based on customer requirements, equipped with automatic coding horizontal stretch wrapper system.
(8) the use of special stainless steel clamping chain, soft membrane stretch forming is suitable for all kinds of thickness, special packaging.
(9) using crosscut slitting system advanced, replacing operation is convenient, with scrap recycling horizontal stretch wrapper system, keep the environment clean.
(10) can achieve double horizontal stretch wrapper packing, can improve production efficiency and reduce cost.
Two, the technical parameters:
(1) power supply: 380? V/AC? 50HZ three-phase neutral
(2) the complete machine power: KW 13?
(3) machine size: 4900 x 1100 x 1930mm
(4) weight: 1.5Ton
(5) film width: 420mm
(6) on the film width: 396mm
(7) there are 3 kinds of sealing mode, choose according to the actual situation: only sealing, vacuum, inflatable


Attributes:Horizontal packing machine

You can use it to pack water product including milk ,liquid, ketchup ,paste, shampoo or conditioner,detergent and so forth. as much as 1000ml by altering filling up product.


The machine can instantly complete casefilling and forming, easy rip level producing, printing day, done bag discharged. Reclosable zipper, spout , nitrogen eliminating, distinctive handbag form ,Round and hole area punching are optionally available.


Case developing— Handbag condition creating–spout placing(optionally available) –filling up item –easy tear degree(optionally available)–stamping time–closing

C420 auto natural powder horizontal stretchwrapper packing machine method is really ideal for calculating the natural powder materials .



1. PLC computer management system. PLC from Siemens

2. Large feel From Tai wan . Simple to run and manage the machine

3. Substantial preciseness positioning with servo film carrying system .

4. warn protection functionality

5. the machine will immediately full all coil packaging processes from measuring, feeding and filling

Printing , done handbag .

6. Just how of bag producing: the machine can make pillow type bag and standing bag according to customer’s requirements. Punching opening handbag & hook up 5-12 totes etc .

S-420 Huge top to bottom automated packaging machine

I.The range of packaging

Its appropriate to use in packing our prime precision as well as simple vulnerable substance , including : puffy foods , crispy rice , Potato Potato chips , Snacks , candy , pistachio , glucose , apple pieces , dumpling , chocolates , pet food , tiny products and so forth .

II.The main efficiency and structural function

*Shipped in PLC personal computer management program with individual-machine interface; touchscreen display is direct and simple-observing in operation;

*precise placement with servo film carrying program; outstanding total horizontal stretch wrapper machine efficiency and good packing;

* minimize the reduction with total automated advise security function;

* backed with metric product, the machine will instantly full all stretch wrapping packaging procedures from calculating,feeding and filling, bag ma

* The way of bag making: According to customers requirements the machine can make pillow-type bag and standing bag.


It is actually Automatic packaging system

It really is Automatic packaging program, Complete Automated Packing Machine, auto urea packaging system, automatic bagging palletizing machine, automated packing line, automated urea bagging machine that appropriate for packing granular or particulate materials including chemistry, substance fertilizer, prlled urea, compost fertilizer, potash fertilizer, and so on.

Along with the auto robot palletizing pallet and machine stretch wrapping machine are optional for the complete automatic packaging AND ROBOT STACKING line.

Main Component:

1. Auto quantity-repaired balance 2.Auto bag-supplying and weighing filling section

3. Optionally available section including atmosphere compressor 4.Automated bag-clamped area

5. Automated belt conveyor 6.Automated sewing or closing machine

7. Automatic bag-backwards portion 8. Automatic robot palletizing machine for alternative

9. Auto online pallet stretch wrapping machine for alternative

10. Electrical PLC device control cupboard


1. Automatic Picking handbag, automated providing bag, filling up substance, analyzing, sewing or sealing bag, handbag-in the opposite direction and case transmitting are finished completely instantly. Recommended automatic palletizing, stretch wrapping.

2. Taking on PLC to guarantee the longevity of management

3. Implementing higher-accuracy transducer and smart tool to guarantee the accuracy and speed of bodyweight

4. Taking on touch screen with trouble show and assist program for quick functioning.

5. Adopting imported pneumatic parts functions lightweight construction, dependable overall performance and handy servicing.

6. The sewing / closing machine is definitely an brought in NEWLONG brand machine.


PLC with individual-stretch wrapper machine

it’s appropriate for puffed foods,potato nick,dumpling,rice dumpling,seed,washing natural powder,green tea powder and so forth.

The key performance:

The pc manage product is employed in the Shipped in PLC with human-stretch wrapper machine user interface; touch-screen is simple and direct-viewing in operation;

exact placing with servo film carrying program; excellent total machine performance and good packing;

reduce the reduction with complete automated alert security work;

backed with metric product, the machine will automatically complete all packaging operations from determining,feeding and filling, case ma

The form of case making: According to customers requirements the machine can make pillow-type bag and standing bag.

This machine widely used to pack milksoybean milksaucevinegaryellow wineall type of beverage with film. The entire method can be carried out automatically, including ultra-violet sterilizationbag figurationdate printingquantitative fillingenvelopingcuttingcounting, and so on. The temperature of heat-closing is handled immediately,

the production is beauty and fastness, the machine adopts stainless-steel casing, and the sanitation is certain.

securing, three-part sealing, several-area securing packing approach

The packing adjustment and data could be shown on screen. The user can immediately run it into it.

Designed with a photoelectric control to make sure that its packing bag styles are perfect.

It can immediately complete making-sealing, counting, filling, metering, cutting, printing and bag set quantity.

The body and also the elements coming in contact with the fabric are made of stainless steel.

Appropriate Material

It really is applicable for stretch wrapping machine packing foodstuff, chemical and medicine market powder.


The latest in stretch wrapper packaging systems

The latest in packaging technologies is going to be on display at Pack Expo in November. Knowing that my co-workers and I at Packaging Modern technology Incorporated Solutions have attended the display countless times through the years, purchasing teams often check with us for easy methods to effectively and efficiently deal with the display ground. Listed here are tips we share with clients and friends to help them make the most of their investment in Pack Expo and make sure they acquire many new ideas and insights.

1. Identify individuals/teams and their respective charters at the show, before arriving in Chicago. Can they search for development, cost reduction options, area of expertise subject areas like the environment or rules? All crews must have a specific understanding of their objectives for participating in Pack Expo, in addition to a roadmap to assist them accomplish their goals, including a list of vendors to visit, exhibits to go to and technologies to analyze.

2. Create a format to catch info. This might be an Stand out spreadsheet, Phrase record or any other amazing device. It must be EASY to populate, sort, share and read,. That is the only requirement. Take into account the details you wish to gather and create fields appropriately. Incorporate space for groups to record suggestions, list potential uses of the technologies and improvements they discover, record chat notes from your show floor and identify follow-up motion products.

3. Watch and listen. Ask questions, participate with other people and satisfy new contacts. You will never know that you will meet a new partner, locate a direct, understand a whole new modern technology or get the newest pattern. Don’t overlook to inquire about the exhibitors precisely what is new they are not exhibiting-this is the way you get the most recent information and insight!

4. Upload findings, information and insights through the show and share with co-workers (which includes those not attending Pack Expo who might have expense or advantage information) on a daily basis. Invite their feedback and questions. Influence their enter to condition the following day’s plan, plan stick to-up gatherings and investigation.

5. Build in time to review platforms and booths and carry colleagues on return outings. Pack Expo is big and there is lots to find out-so it can be tempting to timetable each and every second of every day time. Don’t. Permit time for you to change training course and adapt plans during the event according to others’ opinions. Come back to booths and reevaluate improvements within a new light-weight; drill down for more information. Broaden your viewpoint to discover macro tendencies. What styles do you see rising at the reveal that will affect the future of your business?

6. Don’t forget dimension. Measure in opposition to quick-term goals in the show. Performed teams check out their focuses on? Also create simple measurements of suggestions to platforms to jobs to commercialization to demonstrate the show’s worth and figure out following year’s range of engagement.

A little planning will go quite a distance. Take the time to establish a technique for your trip to Pack Expo and you’ll likely boost your Return on your investment enormously.


to make orbital stretch wrapper packaging prototypes

In most cases, 3 dimensional printed components can be produced faster than over a CNC (pc numerical management) machine. Technicians are able to use three dimensional stamping to quickly produce a short-termfixture and part, jig or fungus to maintain the producing line running as the long term part or fungus is machined. Despite the fact that I say “temporary,” many of these connection parts/tools are usually powerful. At CIDEAS, they now have customized-produced Abdominal muscles/M100 and polycarbonate components aiding their particular creation functions-without having failing-for more than 12 yrs.

These parts can be creatively engineered to save material, which also saves costs, • Because 3D printing can build complex parts without the same design constraints of an injection molded one. A good example from CIDEAS is a closure chute produced from Ab muscles plastic material for a capping machine. It was made to be designed with a sparse lattice of material internally, leaving the exterior top of the portion solid. It really is continue to sufficiently strong enough to resist the rigors around the orbital stretch wrapper packaging line, but saves a significant amount of material. Multiply this by the number of super-substantial-molecular-weight (UHMW) components over a orbital stretch wrapper packaging machine and also you (or your machinery manufacturer) may realize significant financial savings.

Producing your personal orbital stretch wrapper packaging machinery parts, molds and jigs fixtures or any other tools “on demand” also reduces your components stock and all those related charges. And might just help you make a crucial product release date.

2. For correct scale modeling. Digital simulation only goes so far. Designers can create to-level models of orbital stretch wrapper packaging machines to more accurately measure the spatial design of any new orbital stretch wrapper packaging line/plant.

3. For bundle style testing and verification in the line. Creating a porous mildew employed for thermoforming, for example, enables orbital stretch wrapper packaging technicians to quicker generate different pack designs for testing to see how moment changes may improve the stream of the package around the filling line.


interesting orbital stretch wrapper packaging styles

It is that season exactly where summer season is behind us and Thanksgiving steadily nearing which can only imply something-strategy or deal with!

This year’s Halloween months are poised to get greater than actually since the Countrywide Retail store Federation forecasts total Halloween season revenue will achieve $7.4 billion this coming year as Americans equipment up for that holiday. That amount is up from $6.9 billion in 2013, when an estimated 158 zillion folks took part in Halloween night actions.

In the total $7.4 billion dollars that the National Retail Federation wants United states people to spend on Halloween festivities in 2014, about a single-3rd of that quantity will likely be spent on chocolate.

Person spending is anticipated to arrive at $77.52 this coming year, a growth from $75.03 last year.

To maximize this investing, you will find a variety of items becoming introduced in Halloween season-themed orbital stretch wrapper packaging to honor the ghoulish holiday.

To find out a few of these spooktacular designs, click this link to look at gallery.

And it is not simply an American custom any more as the Halloween season trend has jumped shipped throughout the pond.

New research from Mintel shows that retail store revenue of Halloween season goods in the UK attained Andlb;230 million in 2013 and are anticipated to grow to about £240 thousand this coming year.

In addition, the united kingdom food and drink industry is apparently tapping to the spooky period as the amount of food and drink items released using a reference to Halloween grew 263% between 2009 and 2013. Seeking past the UK, it appears that the season’s exhilaration is additionally spreading, with the number of food and drink products released throughout the world referencing the celebration expanding by 194% in the 5 year period to 2013.

Chris Brockman, study mgr., meals & consume EMEA at Mintel, claims:

“The account of Halloween night has begun to climb up in the UK in current years and Britons are progressively embracing this event. Situated between the end of summer time and the operate-as much as Xmas, Halloween season provides buyers a reason to commemorate throughout a family member lull inside the calendar year. It would appear that Halloween season has evolved from becoming a mainly child-centered vacation with a concentrate on trick-or-dealing with. Adults have now implemented it as a a fully-fledged excuse to toss parties and dress up in ghoulish clothes.”

To capture this swiftly growing industry, I have singled out a number of exciting orbital stretch wrapper packaging styles.


information of stretch wrapper for different packaging

1. Info methods of stretch wrapper

Understanding is really power nowadays, as well as the capabilities of modern grow information methods are genuinely impressive. Minutes of dropped manufacturing time mount up rapidly in dropped income, so getting pc techniques that may forecast a manufacturing bottleneck or warn each time a machine portion could be nearing the end of its life time buy them selves relatively quickly.

Searching over and above today’s cutting edge as well as further later on, Luis Shimabukuro, Tetra Pak’s revenue automation director for Central and South The united states, views cloud processing being a video game changer. It allows wireless connectivity throughout food and beverage plants and promotes a more clean surroundings with significantly much less cable connections and electrical wires.

This technology will enhance an automation remedy previously in the marketplace known as Tetra PlantMaster, a holistic automation solution that regulates a plant from ingredient tracking down to customer. These wireless and cloud computing innovations will “make it easy for plant supervisors to stay in the city nearer consumers and customers and still maintain complete control over facilities in remote rural locations,” adds Anna Paula Herrstrom, coordinator of automation and engineering at Tetra Pak Central and South The united states. (Presently, Tetra PlantMaster is provided in several implementation phases to ensure that businesses can period it in gradually, spacing the training and costs requirements.)


enterprise of wrapping packing machine

Growing difficulty will push herb improvements. Listed below are several key places to invest in now so you’ll be prepared later.

At any given time when company leaders are screaming for simplicity, using a latest Forbes heading calling for Key Straightforwardness Officers, probably the most significant by-products of development inside the beverage and food sector is intricacy.

Actually, our business will continue to manage intricacy for that near future. Within a quickly-paced competitive landscaping, companies need to effort to take care of increasing requirements from buyers, regulators and retailers while continuous to separate their goods whilst keeping charges down.

For a lot of, controlling that intricacy will demand enhancing their plant’s capability to juggle a dizzying variety of merchandise formulations and enhancements-and to do so in a way that is efficient, safe and smart. This implies their operations should conserve human, water and energy funds although providing exceptional high quality at highest efficiency. In addition, their goods has to be traceable for food security. And regardless of whether it’s all at one time or in phases, creating this “plant of the future” is actually a undertaking that demands preparing now-a level that suppliers seem to be taking to heart.


Servo engine Horizonta wrapping packing machine

1.Auto Sleeve Sort Shrinking Wrapper

2.With CE Certificate

3.Multi-file format functionality is available on ask for

Sleeve stretch Wrapper Application:

Auto itemsfeeding and counting, arranging fomat, sealing and diminishing.

Sleeve Wrapper Features:

1. AC travel electric motor with regularity inverter for stepless velocity control.

2. PID automated checking manage for heating system temperature.

3. Giving, Counting, rolling film, sealing, shrinking and cooling inside a whole method.

4. Multi-structure work is accessible on demand.

5. Option: Teflon net conveyor to create the travel a lot more stable.

6. For PE, Pvc material, POF Diminishing film.

7. Coupling PE shrink tunnel Appropriate-6040PE or APT-8040PE can be obtained after request.

Auto L-sealer and tunnel combination style,really lightweight,conserve space.

– Only one 220V,1 phase electric powered plug,save installation price

– All-in-one 5.7 inch shade touch screen PLC management,simple to use.

– Selection of vertical or hotizontal-sort photocell indicator to match different merchandise size and thickness.

– Well balanced heating factors (with individual temperatures regulation)

– Belt speed changeable

– Piece counter,set creation environment possible

– Contra–Sticky Teflon coated closing blade guarantee neat and organization seal without smoke cigarettes toxins.

– Selected electrical and pneumatic elements from reliable global manufacturer

– Regular with kissing buckle, able to handle small and not smooth base prodcut

– Capable of pack individual or numerous offers

– Sophisticated pin perforation gadget

– Machine built with safety clear hood around the sealer and security-defend in the rewinder

– Shrink tunnel adopts sophisticated heater financial institution and adjustable high-speed blower to understand re-going around hot air,reduce the home heating-up time as well as reduce the warmth dropped to make sure best shrink performacne

– Shrink tunnel woth normal live roller with silicon silicone

– Auotmatic turn off work can automated turn off the power once the tunnel temperatures falls under 70°C

– Conform to CE legislation