Attributes:Horizontal packing machine

You can use it to pack water product including milk ,liquid, ketchup ,paste, shampoo or conditioner,detergent and so forth. as much as 1000ml by altering filling up product.


The machine can instantly complete casefilling and forming, easy rip level producing, printing day, done bag discharged. Reclosable zipper, spout , nitrogen eliminating, distinctive handbag form ,Round and hole area punching are optionally available.


Case developing— Handbag condition creating–spout placing(optionally available) –filling up item –easy tear degree(optionally available)–stamping time–closing

C420 auto natural powder horizontal stretchwrapper packing machine method is really ideal for calculating the natural powder materials .



1. PLC computer management system. PLC from Siemens

2. Large feel From Tai wan . Simple to run and manage the machine

3. Substantial preciseness positioning with servo film carrying system .

4. warn protection functionality

5. the machine will immediately full all coil packaging processes from measuring, feeding and filling

Printing , done handbag .

6. Just how of bag producing: the machine can make pillow type bag and standing bag according to customer’s requirements. Punching opening handbag & hook up 5-12 totes etc .

S-420 Huge top to bottom automated packaging machine

I.The range of packaging

Its appropriate to use in packing our prime precision as well as simple vulnerable substance , including : puffy foods , crispy rice , Potato Potato chips , Snacks , candy , pistachio , glucose , apple pieces , dumpling , chocolates , pet food , tiny products and so forth .

II.The main efficiency and structural function

*Shipped in PLC personal computer management program with individual-machine interface; touchscreen display is direct and simple-observing in operation;

*precise placement with servo film carrying program; outstanding total horizontal stretch wrapper machine efficiency and good packing;

* minimize the reduction with total automated advise security function;

* backed with metric product, the machine will instantly full all stretch wrapping packaging procedures from calculating,feeding and filling, bag ma

* The way of bag making: According to customers requirements the machine can make pillow-type bag and standing bag.

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