It is actually Automatic packaging system

It really is Automatic packaging program, Complete Automated Packing Machine, auto urea packaging system, automatic bagging palletizing machine, automated packing line, automated urea bagging machine that appropriate for packing granular or particulate materials including chemistry, substance fertilizer, prlled urea, compost fertilizer, potash fertilizer, and so on.

Along with the auto robot palletizing pallet and machine stretch wrapping machine are optional for the complete automatic packaging AND ROBOT STACKING line.

Main Component:

1. Auto quantity-repaired balance 2.Auto bag-supplying and weighing filling section

3. Optionally available section including atmosphere compressor 4.Automated bag-clamped area

5. Automated belt conveyor 6.Automated sewing or closing machine

7. Automatic bag-backwards portion 8. Automatic robot palletizing machine for alternative

9. Auto online pallet stretch wrapping machine for alternative

10. Electrical PLC device control cupboard


1. Automatic Picking handbag, automated providing bag, filling up substance, analyzing, sewing or sealing bag, handbag-in the opposite direction and case transmitting are finished completely instantly. Recommended automatic palletizing, stretch wrapping.

2. Taking on PLC to guarantee the longevity of management

3. Implementing higher-accuracy transducer and smart tool to guarantee the accuracy and speed of bodyweight

4. Taking on touch screen with trouble show and assist program for quick functioning.

5. Adopting imported pneumatic parts functions lightweight construction, dependable overall performance and handy servicing.

6. The sewing / closing machine is definitely an brought in NEWLONG brand machine.

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