Vertical coil packaging line


Automatic Copper Coil Packaging Line Optimizes Handling and Productivity

Our automatic copper coil packaging line offers specialized solutions to streamline copper strip coil packaging:

Tilter – Positions coils optimally for packaging by efficient handling and transfer.

Conveyor – Facilitates continuous coil flow from production to packaging. Maximizes productivity.

Wrapping Machine – Flexibly wraps coils in materials like PE, paper or stretch film based on needs.

Downender – Safely transfers wrapped coils to storage or transport position. Enables proper coil handling.

Unmanned Operation – Allows seamless, efficient production without manual intervention. Increases productivity.

We customize the line’s specifications to integrate with your production flow and warehouse layout seamlessly.

Fhope Packaging provides reliable copper coil packaging solutions designed to industry standards for efficiency:

Configurations – Horizontal and vertical line options allow choosing ideal setup for environment.

Conveyor – Variable speed control provides coil stability for accurate packaging.

Service Contracts – Regular technician maintenance ensures optimal performance and longevity.

Contact their sales team for detailed information on packaging line systems and service plans to meet your needs.


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