Hose coil packaging line


Automatic Wire Coil Packaging Line Enables Unmanned Production

The automatic wire coil packaging line delivers a comprehensive packaging solution:

Wrapping Stations – Applies protective film and paper packaging to wire coils.

Conveyors – Facilitate smooth coil movement throughout the process.

Optional Strapping & Stacking – Further automates packaging, allows unmanned operation.

Production Line Integration – Allows seamless coil transfer, minimizing manual handling.

The integrated components enable automated, high-speed packaging. The strapping machine secures coils, while the stacker organizes finished coils onto pallets.

This increases productivity and reduces labor needs. The unmanned operation capability and inline connection with production improves efficiency.

For details on the Wire Coils Packing Line’s technical specifications and capabilities to meet high-speed requirements, contact our sales team. They can provide customized solutions to fit your exact coil packaging needs.

Key features include:

Flexible design suits different coil sizes/packaging materials.
Layout adaptable to existing factory space.
Complete after-sales support and personnel training.
Advanced PLC/HMI control system enables synchronized packaging.
Material options like stretch film or paper to suit requirements.

For pricing, specifications and comprehensive information, reach out to our sales team. They will assist in delivering an automated wire coil packaging line that meets your needs.


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