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Comprehensive Packing Line Handles Steel Coils from Production to Packaging

Efficiently transitioning steel coils from production to packaging requires a specialized automated system. The cold roll steel coil packing line provides a comprehensive packaging solution.

The packing line manufacturer, FHOPE, assumes responsibility for providing the complete line. This ensures proper installation and operation.

Using the latest proven technology, the equipment meets industry standards for optimal efficiency.

The equipment incorporates energy optimization for sustainability. This minimizes consumption.

Designed for fully automatic operation, the system reduces the need for personnel intervention. This improves efficiency and minimizes errors.

Integration with the production line enables smooth, efficient coil transfer to packaging. Disruptions are minimized while productivity is maximized.

Reliable coil transport methods move coils from production and storage to packaging. This facilitates an uninterrupted coil flow.

The packing process involves sequentially installing protective components:

ID hole protectors prevent inner diameter damage during transit.

ID edge protectors reinforce inside edges against deformation.

OD edge protectors safeguard outside edges from impacts.

OD edge protector strapping secures the protectors in place.

ID cardboard protectors cushion the inner diameter.

OD cardboard protectors cushion the outer diameter.

OD strapping secures the coil to pallets for stability.

VCI paper protects against moisture and corrosion.

VCI film wrapping adds protective barrier.

Cardboard sheets absorb outer impacts and abrasions.

Steel sheets provide reinforcement and stability.

Side covers shield the coil from potential damage.

Additional OD edge protectors provide further reinforcement.

Circumference strapping tightly secures the coil.

Radial strapping prevents deformation and shifting.

Machine Weight


Power Supply

AC 400V/50Hz

Power consumpation


Operating pressure


Air Consumption

500 Nl / cycle

Strapping speed

20s per belt


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