Examining slit coil handling and packaging line


Vertical Packaging Machine Wraps Steel Coils Efficiently

The vertical coil packaging machine specializes in steel coil packaging by wrapping coils in protective materials:

Eye-Through Coil Packaging – Specifically designed for eye-through coil wrapping with film/paper. Provides secure protection.

Automated Process – Replaces manual work, improving efficiency, consistency and productivity.

Buffer Device – Ensures smooth, controlled coil movement during packaging by minimizing impact. Reduces packaging disruption risk.

Pushing Device – Shifts coil from rollers into discharge channel, facilitating positioning for packaging and discharge.

Typical Coil Loading Methods:

Crane Loading of Slitting Coils – Efficiently positions heavy, large slitting coils onto line using crane. Enables controlled loading.

Gravity Rolling of Coils In/Out – Coils roll into/out of wrapping station using gravity. Smoother, controlled entry/exit. Minimizes mechanical assistance need.


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