Wire coil packaging line | wire compressing strapping machine


Comprehensive Slit Coil Packaging Line Combines Efficiency and Flexibility

The available slit coil packaging line offers an integrated solution combining efficiency, flexibility and affordability:

Dual Operation Modes – Provides automatic and manual options to choose method suiting requirements. Maintains efficiency.

PC Controller – Ensures smooth operation and easy process monitoring/control for precision.

Line Integration – Designed for connection with slitting line for efficient coil transfer. Can interface with turnstile arm.

Automatic Strapping – Incorporates machines to efficiently strap coils, securing them by the ID tail to prevent unraveling.

Coil Stacking – Allows stacked, organized coil placement on skids after strapping, easing storage and shipment.


Increased packaging speed and productivity.
Coil surface protection and damage reduction.
Manpower savings through automation.
Lower maintenance costs due to reliability.

Additional components like slit coil down ender, strapping machine, packing machine, centering station and stacking machine further facilitate the automated, comprehensive packaging line. Their combination increases efficiency, consistency and savings.


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