Ecomonic steel Slitting Coil Packaging Line – FHOPE


Compact Steel Coil Line Optimizes Packaging Efficiency

Efficiently packaging slit coils in a compact manner optimizes space utilization. Fhopegroup offers an Economic Steel Coil Packaging Line tailored for this goal. It automates coil handling and packing in a vertical layout.

A specialized trolley stores and organizes slit coils for efficient line integration. This allows streamlined coil handling.

Once loaded, an automated palletizing system arranges coils on pallets. This enables secure storage and transportation.

The stack turnover device organizes stacked coils. Space utilization and handling are optimized.

An out-feeding conveyor transports stacked coils for further packaging. This facilitates continuous processing.

Coil handling and packing are automated using specialized machines. This eliminates manual labor and enhances productivity.

With space optimization, the compact vertical line improves productivity, reduces labor costs, and ensures reliable packaging.

Single coil size:

width 40-500mm, OD 650-1500 mm ID ??508/??610mm weight 6000Kg

Packaging material: woven tape/composite paper tape: W=100mm, OD=450-500mm, ID=55mm Stretch film: W=100, OD=100-180mm, ID=50mm
Ring speed: about 80r/min (frequency converter adjustment)

Overlapping range: 20%-90%


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