Razor wire packing machine

Glad to receive your letter.
As a manufacturer, we are providing different razor wire coil packing solution.
Videos for reference:
Before offering a solution, i’d like to know the wire coil information:
Coil No. OD (mm) ID(mm) WIDTH(mm) WEIGHT(Kg)
Checking the wire size in picutres, the machine for OD: 500-700mm    ID:400-600mm    Width 50-200mm is able meet your goal.
And we are able provide two materials wrapping at one time solution.
razor wire wrapping machine-FPW300-W
The total price is only $6,800 only.
The official quotation will be provided upon your coil information.

stretch wrappers

Any need in pallet stretch wrapper?

If yes,welcome to contact us to get the best price from us.

Also you can send us enquiry about below packing machines if you need
1) vacuum sealer
2) plastic sealer
3) strapping machine and tool
4) carton sealer
5) pallet wrapping machine
6) shrinking machine
7) packing materials.
8) Airport luggage wrapping machine

Automatic pallet wrapping machine


automatic pipe bundling machine

automatic pipe bundling machine

Will be looking for following pipe
20 mm  25 length of 4m  in a bundle wall thickness 1.6mm
32 mm 25 lengthy of 4 m in a bundle wall thickness 2 mm
50 mm 20 length of 6m in a bundle wall thickness 2 mm
110  10 length of 6 m in a bundle wall thickness 2 mm
Before offering an automatic pipe bundling solution, following information required.
1. bundling info
Pipe package No. Pipe  OD Pipe wall thickness Bundle OD How many pcs per bundle Length Weight
2. Is if for online or offline pipe bundling?

Automatic pallet strapping machine

Automatic pallet strapping machine

We are looking for the best pricing of Horizontal pallet strapper – Automatic type to Canada.

Attachment are the pictures for your reference.

And we are looking for the solution about how to orbital wrapping the pallet before strapping.

Please send us the best pricing with specification if you can provide ,thanks.

Your early reply will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


automatic coiler and packing solution

As a manufacturer, there are several types automatic coiler for hose coiling.
Now we have a machine in production.
1. horizontal coiling + wrapping
2. Vertical coiling+strapping
Learning from your size, there is need a modification base on stanard machine.
ID:300-380mm      OD:620-900mm     Width:260-320mm
Before offering the quotation i’d like to know following information.
A. What kind of pipe? such as HDPE pipe, corrugated hose, PE pipe…
B. What is the Min.&Max. well thickness?
C. The automatic coiling connects to the extruder or spool?



Waiting for your reply.