PET Bottle packaging

Global beverage tycoon Coca Cola Co officially announced, recently the French Grigny plant has officially put into operation. And successfully realize the localization of production of PET bottles in the French market.
It is reported, the Coca-Cola on the French market beverage bottle will be unified with the renewable PET materials, injection molding, blow molding the preform and a series of process will be completed in the factory Grigny.
Coca-Cola said, the beverage bottle embryo production base was relocated to France, because want to more close contact with the target market, bring better products and service to our customers in france. In addition, the production cost, transportation cost and the optimal terminal product market choice also prompted the company to further expand the French market share.
The French Grigny factory PET bottle production line setting is an important part of Coca-Cola performance of green production commitments. The factory production of 1.5L liters of beverage bottle material, 50% is the renewable PET. company CEOJohnBrock said.
According to the spokesperson, used in the Grigny plant of renewable PET by Coca-Cola and hard packaging manufacturer APPE joint venture subsidiary Infineo exclusive. The subsidiary company is located in the French Bonn, adjacent to the Grigny factory. The food grade recycled PET production capacity is 28000 tons / year.


High packaging performance

High packaging performance automatic die-cutting machine / automatic die-cutting machine (ISO9001 quality certification)
Type: SH-1050 type
Technical parameters
Maximum size: 1050 x 740mm
Minimum size: 400 x 360mm
Applicable scope: 80-1200 grams of paper
Corrugated cardboard thickness: less than 4mm
The maximum cutting range: 1040 x 730mm
Maximum working pressure: 300 tons
The machine maximum speed: 7500 RPM / h (typesetting, paper factors and operational factors as die-cutting products may be)
The minimum edge size:
The stretch wrapping machine /UV machine / Auto polishing machine / automatic UV polishing machine is introduced
Printing paper surface coated with UV oil, enhanced printing paper products beautiful and bright
1 to achieve the best coating effect, use of the machine oil metering roller, rubber roller to the operation and to control the amount of coating.
2 of the cylinder and is provided with a walk to clear and prevent oil scraper overflow, steel roll in under it is also a two scraping knife to remove excess oil U.
3 the adjusting handle is arranged on the external side of easy operation.
Full automatic high speed vertical laminating machine
Technical parameters
1 suitable for water-based glue / oily glue / pre coating
2 heating methods: hot water type
Kerosene type
3 enter the paper size: standard type – 910 mm long x wide and 1080 mm
Extended models – 1250 mm long x wide and 1080 mm
1300 mm long x wide and 1080 mm
1450 mm long x wide and 1080 mm
4 the thickness of the paper:100g/ square meters – 600 g/ square meters


the whole packaging machine

Fhope Packaging machine, suitable for biscuits, Mi Tong, snow cake, egg yolk pie, chocolate, bread, instant noodles, moon cakes, drugs, daily necessities, industrial parts, cartons or pallets and other packaging various kinds of regular objects.

Two, product characteristics:

1, the sterilization machine for conveying type sterilization equipment, has strong sterilization ability. The product can be a thorough disinfection of the items, is to enter the disinfection equipment aseptic workshop preferred cans.

2, the use of intensification of mercury vapor lower and emit ultraviolet light, the photon energy is absorbed by the DNA base, make the virus killed immediately, which played the purpose of sterilization.

3, combined with our other products can form an automatic packaging line channel is: empty cans into management – > automatic tank turntable pot turning – > empty cans ultraviolet sterilization – > > > finished filling tank – > packing gland

4, the equipment all adopt 304 stainless steel manufacturing, reasonable layout, cleaning and convenient.

5, the machine stable and durable, low maintenance cost.

A, technical parameters:



Film width


The bag length


Bag width


Packing speed

40-300 packages / min (according to the artificial proficiency)

Electric source

220V 50-60HZ

The complete machine power


The volume of the whole machine

3770 (L) x670 (W) x1450 (H)

Weight of equipment



Can be equipped with pneumatic stretch packaging mahcine

Two, product characteristics:

1 double frequency converter control, bag length cutting, without air conditioning go, step in place, saving time and film.

The 2 man machine interface, convenient parameter setting.

3 fault self diagnosis function, clear failure display.

4 marked sensitivity photoelectric eye tracking, digital input cut position, which can make the sealing position be more accurate.

5 separate PID temperature control, suitable for various packing materials.

The 6 positioning stop function, non stick knives, do not waste envelope.

Simple 7 drive system, the work is more reliable, the maintenance is more convenient.

8 all the controls are achieved by software, convenient for function adjusting and upgrading.


suitable for stretch packaging machine

Semi automatic powder filling machine, suitable for stretch packaging machine powder and granular materials, such as: milk, feed, Rice noodles, Coffee, monosodium glutamate, solid beverage, glucose, solid pharmaceutical etc..

A, technical parameters:

Metering mode

Quantitative screw

Packing weight

10-5000g (transform accessories)

Weighing range

1 – 6000g (resolution 1 grams)

Packaging accuracy

Packing weight deviation of 100g + 0.5-1g

Stretch Packing weight deviation of 100-1000g + 0.5%-1%

Packing weight > 1000g deviation of 0.25%-0.5%

Packing speed

1050 bags / minute

Power Supply

Three phase 380V (or custom single-phase 220V) 5060Hz

The complete machine power


The weight of the whole machine


The volume of the whole machine


The feed box volume

50 litres

Two, product characteristics:

1, stainless steel, and material contact part of the 304 stainless steel, fully meet the requirements of GMP standard; corrosion resistant chemical products such as packaging.

2, PLC touch screen man-stretch wrapping machine interface: PLC work stability, anti-interference, high weighing precision, touch screen man-machine interface convenient, intuitive; weighing feedback proportion tracking, overcomes the defects caused by the changes of material proportion packaging weight change faults.

3, the filling is driven by servo motor, high positioning accuracy, high torque, long service life, the speed can be set.

4, mixing hose packaging machine adopts maintenance free decelerating motor, low noise, long service life, lifelong maintenance free.

5, design a package at any time in the stepless adjustable, work at random transform, convenient operation.

6, a variety of products to adjust the parameters of formula can be stored and later applied, most storage 10 formula.

7, the air damping of glass stainless steel composite material box, material movement at a glance, no dust leakage, material outlet and a dust exhaust device, protect the workshop environment

8, the replacement of the spiral accessories, able to adapt to the ultra-fine powder into large particles and so on many kinds of materials and the weight of the package.


Pipe information

Thank you very much for your attention.One of my costomer inform us you may need partner in EPC Projects, Project tendering, Industrial Supply, Cable, Pipeline produts, Oilfield & Offshore equipments.

Lucky Engineering Group Corporation. is a large-scale modern enterprise group.Which consists of LUCKY (HK) GROUP CO., Limited; Beijing JSDJ Planning and Designing Institute; Lucky City Pipeline Group Co., Limited. ; Lucky City Petroleum Equipment Group. Co., Limited.; and other branch offices.
We are specializing in the construction, engineering, building, water, mineral, oil and gas fields; we offer you a best business partnership across a global industry.
We are also specialized in pipeline products, especially in Engineering and Contracting, Petroleum Drilling Project, Procurement, Construction and so on.
Main Services:
Consult Services; Construction & Engineering Services; Water ,Oil & Gas Pipeline Services; Petroleum Drilling Services; Tourist Planning and Investment Services; Plant Optimization, Upgrade, Revamp Services; Feasibility Studies Services; Plant Survey Services; Plant Relocation Services ;Operator Training Services; Process Engineering & Systems Engineering Services; Process & Environmental Safety Services; Instrumentation & Control Engineering Services; Maintenance Support Services; Electrical Engineering Services; Plant Layout & Piping Design Services; Civil & Structural Steel Engineering Services; Foundation & Structural Steel Drawings Services; Water supply and treatment Services; Environmental Services; Maintenance Support Services; Spare Part Management Services; Warehouse Stock Management Services .

Main products:
Steel Products: Building Materials, Steel Coils(cold rolled steel coils, galvanized steel coils, pre-painted steel coils)
Aluminum Products(Aluminum Sheets & Coils; Aluminum Strips or Tapes; Aluminum Foils; medicinal aluminum foil; transformer aluminum foil;household aluminum foil; aluminum foil containers; air-condition aluminum foil; electronic aluminum foil; Aluminum Wire Rod; aluminum rod; aluminum wire; aluminum alloy wire; Aluminum Magnet Wire; enameled aluminum wire;enameled copper clad aluminum wire; Aluminum Conductors and aluminum tube),Cable and Cable Materials;Crude Oil; LNG; Cooper and Mineral products; Chemical Products;
Oilfield & Offshore equipments:
1). Rig packages: from 250hp – 3000hp Land drilling rigs, and Workover rigs (Fast-moving rigs are available).
2). Rig components: Crown block, Travelling block, Hook, Swivel, Rotary table, Drawwork, Driller’s cabin, MCC/SCR house, MCC/VFD house, Top drive…
3). Wellhead & Pressure control equipments: BOP, Diverter, Choke & Kill manifold, Pressure hoses, BOP closing unit, Casing & Tubing head, X-Mas tree, Valves, Spools and flanges…
4). Solid control & Mud system equipments: Shale shaker, Desander, Desilter, Mud cleaner, Hopper, Centrifuge, Agitator, Mud tanks, Unions…
5).Tubulars & Drilling strings: Drill pipe, HWDP, Drill collar, Kelly, Casing, Tubing, Pup joint, Sucker rod, Line pipes…
Line pipe: O.D from 1/2’’ to 24’’, API 5L / ASTM A106 / A53, Grade B/X42/X46/X52/X56/X60/X65/X70, PSL1/PSL2.
Casing: O.D from 2-3/8’’to 4-1/2’’, API 5CT, H40/ J55/K55/M65/L80/R95/ N80-1/N80-Q/ C-90/T-95/C110/P-110/Q125.
Tubing: O.D from 4-1/2’’ to 20’’, API 5CT, H40/ J55/K55/M65/L80/R95/ N80-1/N80-Q/ C-90/T-95/C110/P-110/Q125.
Drill pipe: O.D from 2-3/8’’ to 5-1/2’’, API 5DP,
6). Tubular handling tools: Elevator, Slip, Manual/Power tong, HPU, Bushing, Spinner, Bit breaker, Spider, Links, Stuibing guide…
7). Downhole tools: Drilling & Fishing jar, Stabilizers, Hole opener, Overshot, Drilling bit…
8). Cement tools: Cement unit, Float collar, Float shoe, Liner hanger, Cement head…
9). Others: Air winch, Drilling line, Safety equipments, Mud pump spare parts, Fittings)
Steel Pipes/tube and Fittings:

  1. Seamless steel Pipes: ASTM A53 GR B, ASTM A106 GR B,API 5L GR B etc.; Size: 21.3mm~660mm; WT: 2mm~50mm
    2. ERW (Electric Resistance Welded Steel Pipes / Tubes) /
    LSAW (Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welded Steel Pipes / tubes) /
    JCOE Welded Steel Pipes; OD: 60.3mm~1422.4mm; WT: 2.5mm~80mm
    3. SSAW (Spirally Submerged Arc Welding Steel Pipes/Tubes) /
    DSAW (Double Submerged Arc Welded Steel Pipes /Tubes) Spiral Welded Steel Pipes; OD: 219mm~3620mm; WT: 5mm~26mm.
    4. Square Hollow Sections/SHS, Rectangular Hollow Sections/RHS; OD20X20mm~600x600mm; WT: 0.8mm-~50mm
    5. Anticorrosion of Steel Pipes
    1).3PE and 3PP Outer Anti-corrosion Layer of Steel Pipes;
    2).Single FBE and Double FBE Layer Anticorrosion of Steel Pipes;
    3).Internal-Wall Anti-drag Coating of Line Pipe;
    4).Polyurethane Insulating Pipe;
    5).Anticorrosion of adding Cement-and-Sand Layer;
    6. Steel Butt-Welding Pipe Fittings; Size: 1/2 inch~72 inch; WT: Sch10~XXS
    1).Elbow 22.5Deg, 30Deg, 45Deg, 60Deg, 90Deg LR &SR;
    2).Straight Tee, Reducing Tee, Barred Tee, 45degree lateral;
    3).Concentric Reducer & Eccentric Reducer;
    4).Steel Pipe Bend-Induction Bend 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D,8D,10D; 180Degree Return Bend;
    5).End Caps;
    6). Expansion Joint
    7).Forged Flanges (PL, WN, SO, BL, SW, THRD lap joint, spectacle, orifice, ring & long welding neck).
    STANDARD: ASTM/ASME B36.10M, API 5L, API 5CT, JIS, DIN, GOST 10704-91,GOST 10705-80,GOST 10706-76,GOST 8696-74,GOST 8731-74,GOST 8732-78,GOST 20295-85,GOST 8639-82,GOST 8645-68,GOST 8644-68, EN10217-1, EN10219-1, EN10224 , EN10025 , BS, GB/T etc.
    MATERAL: ASTM A53, ASTM A106, A210, A252, A333,ASTM A335 GR P1,P5,P9,P11,P22,P91; PSL1 PSL2 X42, X46, X52, X60, X65, X70; 20#, 20G,Q345, Q235,16Mn,L245~L555; JIS STPG42, G3454, G3456; St37, St42, St45, St52, DIN 1626, DIN 17175 etc.
    USING: Structure pipe/ oil pipe/ gas pipe/ hydraulic pipe/ boiler pipe/ RE: Petroleum, chemical, power, gas, metallurgy, shipbuilding, construction, etc.
    Other Pipeline products:

Stainless steel pipes and fittings; Ductile iron pipes and fittings; Ductile iron pipe mould; Ductile iron pipe production equipment; Ductile Iron Fitting production equipment; Plastic Pipes:(PVC pipes; PE Pipes; PPR Pipes and Fittings).

Pipe packaging line
We will try our best to become specialist in industrial supply, construction, engineering, building, pipelines, water, mineral, oil and gas fields. We can supply the entire services which include supply the products, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction and after sell service and etc.


innovator and manufacturer

Velcro Businesses claims it is the original and premier global innovator and manufacturer of hook and loop fasteners. What started out being a novel innovation inside the 1940s continues to grow into a family title with more than 400 active patents and also over 200 signature registrations in above 150 countries worldwide. Their products and services can be used for applications across an extensive number of industries which includes apparel, packaging, medical and agriculture industrial cleaning,athletics and transportation, and army.

To get a new software, Velcro Industries was presented with difficult and needed to determine a converter that may meet their demands. ?°The primary problem we faced with this project was identifying changing experts with specialised coating practical experience,?± claims Joe Anderson, senior technical expert at Velcro Businesses. ?°Our product is like no other due to its free weaved mother nature, slim internet widths and also the necessity to jacket multiple sticky kinds in just one line.?± To locate a changing organization which could satisfy their needs, they joined the ICE USA 2013 show. It was there that the project group of people very first associated with New Era Converting.

After hooking up on the show, the two businesses began the estimate and proposal stage from the procedure, which permitted New Era?ˉs excellent customer service to shine. ?°The proposal involved impressive thinking to beat the difficulties in numerous areas of the machine, the two best being automatic substance unwinding and suppleness in layer techniques,?± claims Anderson. ?°New Period experienced quick replies to the demands for info linked to machine cost and concepts.?±

Once a conceptual design and style was made, the screening phase began. New Time jogged a few multiple-day trials using many different layer methods, and the trial offers paid back: they led to a 30 % decrease in the necessary layer excess weight for his or her current items. New Period has significant amounts of web and process handling information,?± claims Paul Lembo, vice president at New Era. ?°The mixture of these empowered Velcro Sectors to use a number of new layer techniques, such as some hybrids which we felt can be quite a good suit given their unique program.?±

The outcome was actually a narrow internet layer/drying line, nourished by way of a customized multiple-spindle relax system designed to immediately splice unwind moves every single 2-3 moments. The tests guided straight to the option of layer method, that is modular in style to allow upcoming flexibility because of the client?ˉs wide range of substrates and films. The new system had been proven out through New Period?ˉs extensive exams, and also the tools are currently on buy with Velcro Businesses?ˉ approval for your design and style. Fabrication in the new equipment will begin within the coming several weeks.

It?ˉs been a great method from beginning to end,?± says Lembo. ?°From connecting together in a trade exhibition, to our people carrying out a great task being sensitive and aggressive, to our designers showing once more we are in the innovative from the transforming business by means of extensive research laboratory trial offers, our company is actually proud of this entire undertaking and pleased to be employing a well respected company like Velcro Businesses.?±


contract packager serving the global

Legacy Pharmaceutic Fhope Packaging, a contract packager serving the global pharmaceutical business with bottling, blistering, pouching, device-of-use, conformity and second packaging solutions, has chosen two higher-level executives following its current move into a up-to-date 190,000-sq-feet creation service.

Steve Meeker, whose greater than 30 years of pharmaceutic market experience consists of the prior 18 yrs with Bayer Health Care LLC, has been known as the company’s new COO, while dedicated QA expert Edwin Miranda has become Legacy’s most recent director of high quality.

In fulfilling their new particular roles, equally Meeker and Miranda will have plenty of elbow area. Legacy’s new herb, which will function as the company’s headquarters, is a lot more than two times the dimensions of its prior facility, departing sufficient room for a number of enhancements and improvements to customer and production servicing capabilities, which includes 10 new packaging lines. The service also contains a brand new Medicine Enforcement Administration-accepted Schedule II vault that will last to 300 pallets of item.

Before becoming a member of Legacy, Meeker was vice president of item source for Bayer Medical Care LLC, the culmination of his practically two years of service to that business. Prior to that, he was brain of business improvement for Highland Packaging, which afterwards became Sanofi Pharmaceuticals.

Miranda has kept QA roles at several notable pharmaceutic companies, which includes tenures as v . p . of high quality for Web address Reciprocal Pharmaceuticals Inc., and director of global quality for UCB Pharma, Inc. He is part of the Active Pharmaceutical Components Committee, and also the Medicine Details Association and United states Community for High quality.

At Legacy, Miranda will benefit coming from a new 1,500-sq-ft . training service which provides a dedicated area to teach gear operators and packaging professionals with out disturbing everyday procedures.

“The add-on of devoted, completed prescription drug industry veterans like Steve and Edwin are part of our development approach, and can allow Legacy to understand the full prospective of our spacious new center,” states Brad Rayner, executive director of sales and marketing for Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging. “The new herb markings the largest infrastructure update and expansion in Legacy’s background, so we are dedicated to making it home to some of the industry’s most knowledgeable engineers and executives.”


Zhejiang proportion packaging machie co., LTD. Is a professional for the dairy industry to provide quality, value service for a long time
Professional dairy packaging materials manufacturers. Company is located in the north area of hangzhou, in zhejiang pinghu industrial zone,
From Shanghai, hangzhou, Sue are about an hour’s drive, traffic is very convenient. The company covers an area of 88 mu, the main factory building more than 12000
Square meters. Company has 10 blown film production line (including 3 American barton phil blown film line); Since all northerners Fuji
Moving printing production line; The Stevens carton printing die cutting IPBM automatic pasting box production line and the United States
Line. Our company produce three layers of the film, independent research and development of PVDC film and aluminum-plastic composite membrane, as well as the roof box, the latest research
The fresh cup of trusted by the user, in the dairy industry has a good reputation and mature sales network.
In 2007 our company sales of 2007 yuan, the market share of 30% or more. Bright, mengniu, yili and many other
Domestic well-known enterprise is our long-term customers, and constantly committed to the development of new products, strive to open up wider
Broad market space.
Proportion of zhejiang packaging co., LTD. Is located in the Yangtze river delta heartland of pinghu, about 1 hour away from Shanghai, hangzhou, suzhou, the transportation is convenient, is a company specializing in the production of packaging film, packaging and printing processing, plastic packaging products, plastic, paper products professional enterprise, main products including multi-layer co-extrusion PE film, PVA, PVDC high barrier coating film, PE aluminum plating film, PS sheet, paper roof box, paper cups, etc. With an annual output of 15000 tons of plastic packaging film, PS sheet, 4000 tons of roof box 100 million, 200 million cups. Product quality and market share in the domestic leading position in the industry. Has now become a well-known domestic dairy companies for food enterprises designated suppliers and deep customer’s trust and support.


discussed vision in machine

“That’s the most nauseating point I’ve experienced in packaging,” the Whole Food items purchaser told Nikhil Arora, who experienced just opened a basketball-measured handbag of fungi – the crown jewel of a new house mushroom-expanding set – within the buyer’s office. The inventor and budding brand name innovator stayed “super confident” that his mushrooms have been headed to be a “next apple iphone,” states the now-successful brand name operator.

In partner, he and 2009 Alejandro Velez co-founded their brand, Back to the Roots, following their experience as seniors at the University ofCalifornia and Berkeley, where their business ethics professor’s idea of growing gourmet mushrooms from recycled coffee grounds sounded like “the coolest thing,” according to Arora. Using their very first efforts and early problems – that way first call on Whole Foods – the two, with design and manufacturing coming from a deal packaging companion, have gotten their goods on racks at that sequence yet others, including Kroger, Costco, Home and Target Depot.

Today, a much-increased organic and natural Mushroom Farm set comes with an impressive put-out panel whereby the mushrooms develop (pictured). This and a next item – Aqua Farm, a “self-cleansing fish reservoir that grows food” and produces its very own fertilizer – have gained kudos from Usa President Obama and a spot for the co-founders on “top” details including BusinessWeek’s Leading 25 Business owners under 25, Inc.’s 30 Under 30, Forbes’ 30 Below 30 and CNN’s 10 Following packing Business people.


A “discussed vision,” in addition to very clear objectives as well as the hands-on expertise of contract packagers is crucial to start up brand names deficient manufacturing and packaging resources and know-how. “We desired the kind of companions who could push us to become a lot better than we really are,” he additional, and so the brand could add value instead of going to market as a low-expense product, the final thing a mushroom package or seafood tank-backyard could be referred to as.

Success, needless to say, comes with its very own problems both in-residence and externally. For example, the Aqua Farm, was already offering in Nordstrom, PetCo and Home Depot when “in the last month or two” Arora says Costco, Target and Kroger arrived on-table. The “fast development and very last-minute orders” caused some “butting heads” using the co-packer as a result of capability limitations as well as the difficulty of incorporating shifts on the last minute. If not prevent schedule upsets, he admits forecasting “is something we can do better as a company,” and stresses the need to for good communication between partners to minimize.