PET Bottle packaging

Global beverage tycoon Coca Cola Co officially announced, recently the French Grigny plant has officially put into operation. And successfully realize the localization of production of PET bottles in the French market.
It is reported, the Coca-Cola on the French market beverage bottle will be unified with the renewable PET materials, injection molding, blow molding the preform and a series of process will be completed in the factory Grigny.
Coca-Cola said, the beverage bottle embryo production base was relocated to France, because want to more close contact with the target market, bring better products and service to our customers in france. In addition, the production cost, transportation cost and the optimal terminal product market choice also prompted the company to further expand the French market share.
The French Grigny factory PET bottle production line setting is an important part of Coca-Cola performance of green production commitments. The factory production of 1.5L liters of beverage bottle material, 50% is the renewable PET. company CEOJohnBrock said.
According to the spokesperson, used in the Grigny plant of renewable PET by Coca-Cola and hard packaging manufacturer APPE joint venture subsidiary Infineo exclusive. The subsidiary company is located in the French Bonn, adjacent to the Grigny factory. The food grade recycled PET production capacity is 28000 tons / year.

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