The External strip style, with gas flush, is designed with adjustable height and angle of the sealing head. This feature allows for customization and flexibility in sealing processes.

In this innovative design, the sealing head can be easily adjusted to different heights and angles, ensuring optimal sealing performance for various packaging needs. Whether it is a small package or a large one, this machine can adapt to different sizes and shapes with ease.

By incorporating gas flush technology, this machine can also enhance the preservation and freshness of packaged products. The gas flush feature helps to remove oxygen from the package, preventing oxidation and extending the shelf life of the contents. This is particularly useful for sensitive products or those that require a longer shelf life.

The External strip style, with gas flush, is ideal for a wide range of industries, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, and electronics. Its versatility and adjustable features make it a valuable asset for businesses seeking efficient and reliable packaging solutions.

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“Efficient and Versatile Vertical Vacuum Sealer for Commercial Use”
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