Discover the ultimate pillow pack, measuring 20″ X 30″ and featuring an impressive 24″ width and a sturdy 5mm thickness. Additionally, this pack includes a smaller option, measuring 17″ X 27″. This exquisite pillow pack is designed to provide maximum convenience and protection for your pillows.

With its spacious dimensions, this pillow pack ensures that your pillows are snugly packed and safeguarded during transportation or storage. The 5mm thickness adds an extra layer of durability, ensuring that your pillows remain in perfect condition.

The larger size, measuring 20″ X 30″, is ideal for larger pillows, while the smaller size, measuring 17″ X 27″, is perfect for standard-sized pillows. No matter the size of your pillows, this pack has got you covered.

This original edition of the pillow pack boasts a smart and efficient design. It is easy to use and guarantees a secure seal, preventing any dust, dirt, or moisture from reaching your pillows. The high-quality materials used in its construction ensure long-lasting protection.

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“Efficient Vacuum Packing Machine for Pillows: Maximize Storage and Freshness!”
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