The machine provides quick and simple changeover

The Baldor-Avoid Para-Flex QD (PXQD) product line can be found in sizes PX50 via PX200, with torque rankings by means of 82,500 in-pounds. Para-Flex QD flanges provide greater bore capacity, helping customers to save cash by downsizing their coupling choices. Just like the Taper-Secure bushing, the QD bushing provides for simple set up and removing with minimal shaft harm, decreasing all round alternative charges.

When used in combination with the Para-Flex element, the whole Para-Flex couplings carry out in difficult apps, supplying high-top quality misalignment features. The flexible design and style ihelps avoid injury to linked gear. The Para-Flex coupling delivers a 5-year limited warrantee.

The stretch wrapping machine provides easy and fast changeover from plastic to steel tubes, and fits very viscous goods up to 3 zillion cps. Service as well as on-line support is provided via Ethernet/modem.

In a position to top off to 70 pipes/min with products as diverse as adhesives, pharmaceuticals, sealants and cosmetics and greases, the RT60 Metallic & Plastic Hose Combo Satisfying And Closing machine from ProSys Impressive Stretch wrapper packaging is ideal for plastic-type and metallic pipes, comes with a servo-motivated metering method, and a servo-motivated elevate mechanism to get a top to bottom, air flow-free bottom part up fill up.

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