Contact pallet stretch wrapper Packaging Devices

Lightweight/transportable counter-best device

Power efficient instant on/away heating units

Heating unit has Timer handled repeatability

Includes all the newest safety features

Table Best Blister Sealer

Require a Blister Sealer or Clamshell Sealer? (888) 527-2829

Two Station “Shuttle” Lesions Sealers and Clamshell Sealers

Utilizing a Two Station Shuttle Blister Sealer is definitely an cost-effective approach to improve the production capabilities for tiny organizations. These two owner blister pallet stretch wrapper Packaging machines permit product reloading at two locations. Whilst a single operator is loading the machine one other operator is sealing. Twice the output pace at just a portion greater than the cost of just one station blister sealer. These blister sealers are installed to your frame that could be built with casters to give it time to be transferred as needed.


Economical cost

Ergonomic function height

Power efficient quick on/off heating units

Water heater has timer controlled repeatability

Contains each of the newest safety measures

Two Station Blister Sealer

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Rotary Sort” Clamshell and Blister Sealers

These Rotary Blister and Clamshell Sealers can be used as medium sized to higher amount blister pallet stretch wrapper Packaging equipment apps and can be configured to allow for 8 station procedure.

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