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manufacturer Written by stretchwrapping Posted in Uncategorized Tagged coil tilter, coil upnder, mold tilter, mold upender, steel coil upender, tilter, upender, wire coil upnder Comments 1 Comment The 20 years experience coil upneder manufacturer provides handle solution for your heavy load. Fhopepack team is more than please to help to get your requirement after the analysis handing. We can helping you to […]

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Principal technical information of Tilter and upender

pecifications Transformer lamination reduce to length line 1) Semi-auto,2 reductions only 2) One minimize adaptable for 45 and 135 3) 28 cuts/minutes Semi-auto transformer lamination reduce to duration line is made for reducing silicon steel strip into key items with leads to 45°, 90 ° and 135 ° . Semi-automated transformer lamination reduce to length

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Heavy object Tilter and upender

Transformer corrugated tank machine 1) Fin thickness: 300~1300mm 2) Fin size: 80~400mm 3) Fin pitch: 45~80mm 4) Speed: 3 fins/minutes Transformer corrugated tank tilter machine is specific for producing corrugated fin for transformer essential oil reservoir wall surfaces. BWJ-1300 transformer corrugated reservoir machine is semi-automated. Fin fin and pitch elevation should be by hand altered

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