Security handles: packaging machine

Capacity : 8-12 Cartons/minutes.

The situation blanks remain up and down in the speedy weight publication which includes place for more than

100 blanks (could be various in accordance with the thickness of your carton).

The blank is found from the journal by way of a system with suction power cups and erected

Towards the carton holder. The erected carton is provided with a portable mechanical movement,

The adhesive tape fasten is used around the lengthy flap throughout feeding.

Basic safety controls:

-When blanks will not be nourished in properly

-When push engines are overload

-When security guards are launched

-When atmosphere pressure in undersized

All parts emerging in touch with the packages are created from stainless steel or corrosion shielded materials.

The coil packaging machine is operated by a small computer( also known as PLC).

Carton regular:

Minutes max

Size 200mm 450mm

Size 150mm 400mm

Size 100mm 350mm

Electric power source : 380/220v, 3-cycle, 50 hz or as required.

Management voltage : 24v, DC

Made from:

– N. 1 Infeed conveyor

– N. 1 Reloading station

– N. 1 Guideline rail

– N. 1 Carton holder

Product being packaged: Family pet-jar of water

Pack collation: 5*8 4*6 in carton

Speed: 10-12 cartons/minutes

Common Specs

1. The coil packaging machine packer are produced with strong profiled metal welded constructions. Torsion-totally free, operating stability and prolonged lifestyle.

2. All the parts are decorated having a two element epoxy painting.

3. The device has storage collections for help save information and user friendly on numerous deals the next occasion.To indicate the study the error and pointpoint and guides to operation and maintenance.

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