Attribute coil packaging machine and laminating

Functions :

1. They may be upright stripping coil packaging machines.

2. Self-sufficient microcomputer manage screen, producing easy procedure.

3. Magnetic powder management for pressure of reeling and unreeling.

4. Car metering with substance operating, automobile photoelectric error modification for unreeling.

5. Equipped with part waste scrap air-coming sending or reeling devices.

6. Twin-atmosphere inflammation shaft smooth, level and reeling finish encounter splitting.

7. Disc knife accessories should be chosen for splitting light weight aluminum foil and paper.

marking machine would be to brand container,containers,beverage etc making use of pvc and so on.

Various kinds of container kinds, for example: round bottle, sq bottle, smooth bottle, bend container and cup-designed, etc.

All-deal with kind stainless-steel host machine: the complete coil packaging machine is water-proof as well as rustproof.

Changeable cutter mind: distinctive cyclotron reduce-off, increase sided innovative using a long services life.

Solitary positioning centre information pillar: much more steady for label shipping.

Synchronous container divider: a more steady transmitting for the jar.

Bottom set tag remember to brush: a lot more precision for casting label.

Brand-controlling electrical-eyesight shelf: unique blend of tail and electrical-eyesight to boost the preciseness for slicing off of the membrane components.

Push-button control cupboard: a much more humanized functioning.

Impartial feeding materials shelf: the positioning of the materials rack is recommended anytime.

Electric Product Configuration Specs

It adopts PLC automated control, imported servo electric motor, servo driver, frequency converter and transducer; also, it adopts the placing unit to be sure the casting tag precise, stable and rapid.

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