Stainless steel coil packing machine line


Fhopegroup Offers Customized Coil Handling and Packaging Solutions

Fhopegroup showcases dedication to meeting customers’ diverse coil handling and packaging needs through:

Range of Solutions – Providing an assortment of equipment like cradles, packing machines, etc. Accommodates different layouts and requirements.

Application Versatility – Developing solutions suitable for small and large-scale operations. Enables businesses of all sizes to benefit.

Efficient Designs – Incorporating intricate design elements that optimize performance, productivity and satisfaction.

At Fhopegroup, we make customized coil packaging systems aligning precisely with your specific goals and needs using diverse logistics approaches. Our expertise lies in specialized steel and aluminum coil line creation, regardless of complexity.

We go beyond just equipment provision. Our approach encompasses optimal packaging material organization and worker movement within the line. This creates an efficient, user-friendly system tailored to your business.

Fhopegroup is committed to delivering personalized packaging solutions by leveraging various logistics strategies. We specialize in designing steel and aluminum coil lines for diverse applications and scales. We consider intricate factors like material flow and labor movement to ensure clients receive a seamless, efficient packaging experience.

Object weight: 100-3000kg

Package width: 30-300mm

Package OD: 600-1500mm

Package ID:508mm

Roller Speed:2-4m/min

Wrapping speed:20-60sec/pcs

Rotating speed: 20-100r/min

Overlap scope: 20%-80%

Power output: app. 3.6kw

Power voltage: 380v/60Hz

Air supply:4-6kgf/m2

Packing material: PP belt ID:50mm OD:100-500mm Width:100mm


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