inexpensive coil packaging

The newest model coil packing machine will finish off all the procedure instantly, reel providing, day stamping ,handbag creating ,cutting, sealing, finish and filling merchandise promoting. It has the benefits of solid development, high end,human being-friendship and total automation to save lots of human being price.


The automatic top to bottom type fill up seal off coil packaging machine pack virtually all liquid, granule and powder material ,like: candy, puff snack food meals, potato potato chips, crispy rice,candy and jelly,, dumpling, little dessert, whole milk non, liquid and powder-meals, and so forth

Machines system and parts accessaries :

Materials giving funnel

Film roll unwinding method with motorize manage

Day stamping product

Encoder handbag duration control and eye-mark keeping track of

Case filling, forming and sealing

Case cutting and finish case exit

Important Highlights of VFFS:

Servo engine powered draw straps

PLC centered, 7 inch touchscreen display parameter adjustment

Pneumatically operated horizontal sealing jaws

PID digital heat manage

Motorized film unwinding system

Encoder bag size manage

Photograph cell for case eyesight-mark enrollment

One creating construction for quickly changeover case dimensions, no resources require.

Security guard with basic safety change

Air flow filter, lubricator and regulator

Auto pneumatic air flow purge

Benefits and Advantages for Full system:

Solid efficiency, exceptional coil packing quality, fantastic end user experience

Reliable and small, the easy style of the baggers make sure they are very easy to set-up, run, and sustain.

Probably the most cost-effective coil packaging available on the market, the collection offer fantastic benefit with the excellent ROI.

Created for affordable of upkeep utilizing away-the-rack components. Interfaces very easily with auxiliary gear.

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