carry system of package


Coil Packaging Machinery

1.Servo-travel film transport program

2.Reliable and compact, the easy form of the coil


Packaging Machinery


1.Servo-travel film transfer program

2.Servo-travel, intermittent movement finish close off jaws

3.touch and PLC display functioning interface with selection of languages and access restriction attribute.

4.Basic and fast case dimensions changeover with one-piece creating packages.

5.Specific alerting to avoid merchandise to become jammed in between the jaws.

6.Photocell for centering of publishing.

7.Info printing device (very hot stamp) is automatically established.

8.Stainless as normal version for excellent sanitation and durability.


The automatic vertical form fill up close off packaging machine pack almost all granule, liquid and powder material ,like: sweet treats, puff snack food meals, potato potato chips, crispy rice,jelly and candy,, dumpling, little cookie, whole milk powder, non and liquid-food, etc.

Fully auto coil Packaging Machinery

Machines parts and system accessaries :

1.Substance providing funnel

2.Film roll unwinding system with motorize manage

3.Time stamping device

4.Encoder bag length control and eye-tag keeping track of

5.Case forming, sealing and filling

6.Bag cutting and finish handbag exit

Key Attributes of VFFS:

1.Servo engine driven pull straps

2.PLC centered, 7 inch touch-screen parameter modification

3.Pneumatically operated horizontal closing jaws

4.PID digital temperatures control

5.Motor-driven film unwinding system

6.Photo cell for handbag eye-tag registration

7.A single developing set up for quickly changeover bag dimension, no resources require.

8.Basic safety guard with safety change

9.Air flow filter, regulator and lubricator

10.Automated pneumatic air flow purge

Advantages and Benefits for Full program:

1.Solid performance, excellent packing high quality, great user encounter

2.Dependable and compact, the simple style of the baggers make them easy to set-up, run, and maintain.

3.Just about the most cost-effective coil available on the market, the series provide excellent value having an exceptional Return on investment.

4.Created for low cost of maintenance utilizing away from-the-shelf components. Interfaces very easily with auxiliary gear.

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