These Fhopepack tunnels

The single length tamper band heat product is mounted on a stainless-steel body with wide open mesh guards.

Hand wheels sited away from guards for security and convenience enable the heat delivery manifolds to get modified to ensure these are in the ideal shrinking position for various diameters and heights of items. Warmth is supplied by hot air weapons that have varied settings as well as the system has safety excess cut-outs built in.

Featuring its modular style the air flow wrapping and packaging tunnel could be sited as being an individual unit or greater rates a number of devices could be situated in line following the materials software to achieve a satisfactory time/heat gradient for your preferred diminishing outcome.

These Fhopepack tunnels are available as either part of a total system with important wrapping and packaging conveyor or as individual models to use over a client?ˉs suitable present conveyor.

In order to completely evaluate merchandise diminishing requirements examples of storage units and shrinkable

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