tube packaging line is suit for producing

Santo Andr¨|, 14/10/2014

Extent ofSupply: Machine for Wrapping andBundlingcopper pipes bundles. Packaging Method

The device has to be fully automatized wrapper(Just one personnel for every shift).The machine need to indicate the quantity of tubes in every bundle.

Stress accessible : 440 V ; 60 Hz.

Thinking about:

1)Entry area conveyor

a.12.000 mm extended

b.System to prepare bundles with certain geometry (to be talked about)

c.Method to introduce plastic tape to correct the package

d.System to introduce film

e.The ability has to be bigger than 4000 ¨C 5000 Kg

f.All parts of the machine has to be without any details that may advertise problems inside the top of the tubes

2)Devices to maneuver the bundles

The machine has to be made developing all circumstances to move the bundles from the machine in a speed suitable for the development rate necessary.

3)Devices to include plastic adhesive tape

In order to guarantee the quality of the bundle automatically, the system must allow the bundle fixation.

The rate of the operation must according to the logic system of production.

4)Gear to include plastic film.

The program need to enable the introduction of the plastic-type film at first glance of the bundle instantly.

The rate of the functioning need to according to the reasoning system of production.

The pipe Bundles must have 100kg as much as 2000kg depending of PMA costumer orders.

5)Outdoors conveyor

a.12.000 millimeters lengthy

b.The capacity mustbe bigger than 4000 ¨C 5000 Kg.

c.Parts of the machine must be free of details that may advertise problems inside the top of the tubes.

d.This equipment must expect to permit to the procedure to remove each produced package. For this operation PMA will use a current crane

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