The wrapping machine mixing with power station

Hydraulic strength with international type of oil pump motor, hydraulic element and HONDA engine

Alarm method is placed in engine and oil pump respectively

Hydraulic coil wrapping machine prolongs the services lifetime of oils water pump and component

Two filter set up

.Coaching of foam cement plant:

1. Foam definite grow are mostly consists of two elements:

One particular: special mixer for light-weight definite (including providing hopper mixing reservoir foam generator normal water water pump electrical

control panel);

One other one: Completely hydraulic promoting pump for lighting concrete.

2. About the electric powered batching machine, attach batching coil wrapping machine and cement silo are chosen machines for the

automatic creation line .

3.Foam concrete grow is easy operation, steady efficiency horizontal wrapping and ideal foaming.

Usage of the foam concrete herb:

1. Cast partition wall in-situ

2. Roof covering flooring and insulation insulating material

3 .Space filling

4 .Road foundation

5. creating foaming definite blocks and so forth.

Technological info:



Productivity amount


Substance feedback quantity


production rate

5~10 m3/h

Main shaft trend


Hopper picking up speed


Overall aspect


Total weight


1. The wrapping machine blending fast, coming foam uniformly.

2. Without stopped issue, with no declining, it is great for steady flowing.

3. Tiny reduction proportion of foam maintain the foam amount within the foam definite to make the products

with stableness density.

4. No dead angle style, combining the material toughly, storage in the base is lower than 10mm,

no materials kept in the several walls internal the combining drum.

5. It may blending variable materials, such as concrete, fly ash, fine sand pulp, beach sand stone, perlite,

and slag etc.

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