Servo electric motor Horizonta pillow packing machine

Servo electric motor Horizonta stretch wrapper packing machine


This horizontal circulation wrapper is applicable for packing cushion pack of various dimension sound normal objects, including instant noodle,bread and biscuits, moon cake, commodity, hardware, candy, medicine and toys or loose product packed by container /tray, etc.


1. Innovative Pansonic PLC and Kinco vibrant Touch screen panel. Can easily established and alter packing parameters, show production info and personal-analytical machine problem may be seen right from the display.

2.Film and Back close off motivated by way of a 400W servo electric motor. merchandise end and conveyor seal motivated by a AC electric motor, pace adjustable by consistency Inverter. Film pace automatically synchronized with conveyor speed.

3. Conclusion close off jaw bone velocity adjustable by a hands wheel when handbag length alter.

4. All the parts are buit for easy cleaning and maintenance

5. yanking rims open by means of pneumatic switches, the sealing tires open up instantly at each machine cease.

6. Basic safety guards as necessary for European Legislation , Comply with CE authorized.

7. On all horizontal stretch wrapping machines is possible to set up: photocell for printed film, printer for day, line shaft for auto feeders, and so on..

Optional Parts:

1. Solid ink date computer code computer printer.

2. Securing jaw bone with hole punching product.


*Special size is accessible on request.


Capacity(bags/min.)As much as 100pc/min

Max. Film reel width: 400mm

Exterior film reel dia: 350mm

Max. package size: *100mm

Optimum. package size: *200mm

Minutes. Package size: *40mm

Max. package deal size: 550mm

Compressed atmosphere presure: 6bar

Power consumption: 2.5kw

Supply voltage: 400VAC*3 N 50HZ

Internet Weight: 460kg

Machine dimensions: 3050*1000*1550(mm)

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