Rotary cutting coil packaging machine

Primary Specifications:

1. material fullness: .6-1.5mm galvanized

2. De-coiler: 3 loads guidebook

3. moving rate: 10-12m/minutes

4. curler stations: about 13 stations

5. curler material: GCr15 steel with quenching

6. shaft material: 45# metal size 75mm shaft

7. principal motor unit energy: 5.5Kw

8. hydraulic power: 5.5Kw

9. hydraulic punching: 1 list of punching expire

10. reducing material: Cr12 with satisfy treatment method, hardness of HRC58-62

11. Power source: , 3 Stage( or depending on customers’ condition)60Hz and 440V

12. management system: PLC with touch screen, Japanese Panasonic and Yaskawa Brand name

13. machine bodyweight: about 3 Lots

14. Way of driving: one particular in . individual chain

15. machine sizing: duration 4500mm*width 600mm*height800mm

1.Horizontal cash blender

2.Auto cash tipper and giving system

3.A few-roll combo sheeter for providing and sheeting the money

4.Laminator for overlapping cash to sheeting on gauge rolls, incorporated skin cream spreading coil packaging machine.

5.Determine rolls

6.Rotary slicing coil packaging machine for hard biscuit developing

7.Scrap return and collection wrapping system

8.Rotary moulder for smooth biscuit creating

9.Sodium/sweets dispersing machine

10.Tunnel cooker.A few sorts of heating provider: Electric, Natural Gas, Liquefied Oil Petrol.

11.Gas spraying machine

12.Turning coil packaging machine 180degree or 90degree design and style according to the plant length

13.Cooling down conveyor

14.Biscuit stacking machine

15.Packing dinner table

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