A short video is available showcasing a Volumetric Filler as it measures wallpaper paste and drops it into a Line Equipment LE200 bag-making machine. This video demonstrates the process of effectively measuring and filling wallpaper paste using the Volumetric Filler.

The Volumetric Filler is designed specifically for powders and is integrated into a VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Seal) machine. This machine is used for packaging wallpaper paste and other powdered substances. The video showcases the Volumetric Filler in action, accurately measuring the paste and dropping it into the bag-making machine.

The Volumetric Filler ensures precise measurements and efficient packaging. It is a reliable solution for businesses in the wallpaper paste industry or any other industry that requires the accurate filling of powdered substances. By utilizing this machine, companies can streamline their packaging process and ensure consistent quality in their products.

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“Efficiently Integrate Volumetric Filler into VFFS Machine for Powder Packaging”
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