Plate Edge Milling Machine

Thin & aeavy wall thickness plate cutting.

Straightforward Operation & Maintenance.

Toll Spindle is equipped with a powerful DC motor.

Plate Edge Pre Bending Machine

Mold can easily replaced.

(Short size change time of 30minutes)

One mald can allow for three dimeters of size bending.

Pre bender operation is available in the edge milling control shelter. (pre bender operator is not required)

Press Bending Machine

Power Energy savings can be made by adjusting the number of cylinders depending on plate thickness.(Total power: 700KW)

Each press cylinder is controlled independently so that deflection is eliminated.

Continuous Root Welding machine

Auto Seam Tracking System.

Welding speed max : 6.5m/min

Internal & External Welding Machine

Auto Tracking greatly reduces weld defects.

Servo motor & rack-pinion gearing are used to ensure weld car driving is consistent & stable.

Booth bar type earth cable is used to prevent welding defects.

Pipe Long Seam Milling Machine

Auto Seam Tracking.

Milling process is unique in eliminating the generation of any noise & dust during gauging.

weld defects are also reduced by seam cutting.

Pipe 4-Way Sizing Machine

Pipe & Tube End Facing Machine

Capacity : O.D 200mm ~ 2000mm

Hydrostatic Machine

X-Ray Test Machine

Pipe Auto Measuring Machine

Pipe outer diameter & roundness check.

Pipe weld beat width & height check.

Weld bead misatch (offset) check.

Overall straightness check.

Pipe length & bevel angle check.

Pipe weight check.

Applied Sensors provide fully automatic machine measuring.

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