papers coil packaging machine


backup paper coil packaging machine is suitable for wrapping machine A4 papers( 500 linens) in a single ream

copy paper coil packaging machine

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Brief Feature:

Handbook launching of pre-cut A4 Dimensions document (70 or 80gsm) only on the conveyor by which will automobile supply to the wrapping compartment in writing.

structure and Performance characteristics:

Principal construction is motivated by a series of cams and linking rods and operating accessories to finish the coil packaging. Substantial stability, low noises.

Applying frequency conversion process with multiple-work electronic no-ploy velocity, taking on siemens PLC system handled. Touch-screen knowing human-coil packaging machine graphical user interface.

For roll document package deal, It has automatic clutch system handled gadget to create the roll papers hold the purpose of automatic elevation and subsidence photocell indicator, slicing accuracy and reliability of shade film.

If coil package material is PE laminated paper, machine is connecting gluer and the spray adjustable. Wrapping effect and sealing performance if package material is printed film photocell sensor will be provided so as to reduce the packing cost and also improve cutting accuracy of color film.

Principal Technological Parameter:

Principal Technological Guidelines



Production capacity


A4 copy document size(regular)


(Based upon 500 Parts A4 copying paper)


380V 50Hz,3 phases



Compressed air


General proportions(L*W*HW)(millimeters)

4600*1300*1450 without having safety cover

4600*1300*1680 with security cover



Bundle materials

Printed roll paper coil package

Interior diameter of roll: 76mm

Optimum size: 1000mm

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